Smash Bros. Wii U, Splatoon 2 top Disney XD's eSports programming

I actually caught some of this programming over the weekend, but a lot of it was repeat content for me. Still, it's great to see Nintendo's games doing so well in Disney XD's eSports push. Now I wonder if Disney is happy with the numbers the programming is putting up.


Wed Aug 16 17 04:20pm
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Two games where they don't have to ask players to change the costumes to something less sexy.

So Zero Suit Samus fusion/Zero mission is fine?

For Disney? Who knows?

Wed Aug 16 17 05:00pm
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I really hope Splatoon 2 becomes a popular e-sport, it's very fun to watch and play.

those numbers are right in line wit the majority of disney xd's regular programming ratings (pokemon being the exception as it has higher ratings, but that airs in "prime" morning time slots and not overnight..

Pokemon is doing well? Nice! Yokai Watch and Beyblade are also part of that block. Yokai Watch was the first. Spiderman is about to join it too!

Fri Aug 18 17 01:48am
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since ratings are mostly only posted when its a new episode, i cant tell ya how yokai is doing..

2 weeks ago Beyblade had 175,000 viewers and Pokemon had 227,000 (quite a big jump between the 2 in that 30 minute span)

the only new airings that week on DXD was Marvel, which had 269,000 (which was the highest XD had for any premiere that week) so pokemon isnt that far off from their other shows that premiered that week

but the ratings vary wildly week to week.. no show is steady..

the week before that one, pokemon only has 162,000 viewers, but XD's highest rated show that week only had 173,000, so still a top performer for the network for that week (this was the splatoon 2 premiere week which had 148,000, so you can see they are solid performers for DXD standards

Lol if this was another network, those would be horrible numbers.

Fri Aug 18 17 06:25am
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its b/c of the status of the network on tv providers ( costlier package usually required to get it ).. on cartoon network, pokemon pulled in 800,000- 1 million every week.. but thats b/c everybody gets CN on a cheaper package.. with XD's smaller audience pool, those numbers are great for them..

and in a recent case.. last week, their revival of ducktales premiered to 280,000 viewers... when they posted the full 1 hour episode to their youtube channel a few days ago, it already has double the viewer count than they got airing it on tv...

to put things in perspective, Disney XD has not had a show with over 300,000 viewers since MARCH

Wow, even the reruns! (Well, especially the reruns in Splatoon case, must have aired at a weird time initially)...

I hate having these on TV tbh. I want to watch cartoons at this time and this stuff is on every single night. Are esports all year? This needs to go away.

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