Splatoon 2 - Flight or Invisibility Splatfest revealed, taking place first weekend of September

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Flight is the only correct answser here as clearly invisibility doesnt affect your clothing or other possessions.

Think about flying at high speed in the air, I can imagine that won't feel great but instead you'll be frozen.

Now if you were invincible, extreme heat and cold won't bother you. I'll just catapult my way across town if I feel like flying.

Yea where I live there is no way feeling cold on a 100 degree day seems like a bad idea.

Thu Aug 17 17 12:16pm
Rating: 2

Oh jeeze, just realized it's Invisible, not invincible.

Cant wait, need my super sea snail fix

I want to pick flight but I don't know because I do love Marina...(sigh)

Flight is logical for everyone. Invisibility would potentially have lower queue times... And something about Marina.

Thu Aug 17 17 11:12am
Rating: 2

People are so obsessed with Marina and I just miss the two squid sisters...

I miss Callie and Marie, but I do love Pearl and Marina. ^^ I will always vote for the topic I prefer rather than the girl side, though, so I am going with flight. Seems much handier.

Though if I am very undecided, I will probably go with Marina since I overall prefer her.

I don't get the Marina love. Pearls seems cool too. Bitchy, sneaky... But cool.

Marrie and Callie though.... miss ya!

Anyway. I have a hardtime choosing this one. I want both! ;)

I like Pearl, but Marina's design just speaks to me. ^^ And not just because of the obvious fanservice. I just like her more 'monster-like' design with the Octo tentacles and such. ^^ Plus, I prefer long hair, hah. None of them will beat Marie for me, though. ^^

Choose wisely, Entity. Being able to fly anywhere, at any time, freely, or be a creepy invisible guy spying on people. :p

Thu Aug 17 17 02:27pm
Rating: 1

Creepy invisible perv, thank you very much! XD

Thu Aug 17 17 11:27am
Rating: 2

Flight is better. Invisibility is for pervs.

Thu Aug 17 17 11:36am
Rating: 1

In most of my youth I pretty much felt invisible. Even if it wasn't for perverted use, I would assume being invisible would be lonely as hell.

Thu Aug 17 17 12:09pm
Rating: 1

That's deep, maaaan.

I could use it to perv out and commit all kinds of other criminal acts without getting caught. Then it's settled!

If I could really pick a super power, I'd go with in-life save states.

Thu Aug 17 17 01:55pm
Rating: 2

Then as you make your getaway on foot the driver going 30MPH hits you. No one ever hears from you again.

People tripping over my invisible corpse for months. And what is that smell?!

I mean, it's an ability that in order to be used effectively requires the user to be naked...

Thanks for helping me choose!

I'll go invisible then.

Thu Aug 17 17 12:13pm
Rating: 1

Is team invisibility going to shoot invisible ink?

Is team flight going to fly ?

Team flight all the way.

Thu Aug 17 17 12:53pm
Rating: 1

Flight it is, I'm already invisible.

First time I'll be going for Team Pearl with Flight for the next Splatfest.

Invisibility is a sucky ability.

Thu Aug 17 17 01:32pm
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Perv aside Invisibility would be so useful to get ahead in life.
You could plain ol' rob places (boring) or you can go around learning secrets and information ahead of when you should. Make way into a business and rise above in ranks.
Or you could become an excellent photographer for the news or nature related things.

Possibilities are endless! Flight... kinda lets you go from A to B (maybe quickly?) It's not like super speed or super strength is attached to it. There are also things in the air that you may or not hit depends on your height. Planes, Birds, Cars/buildings.

Now if only teleportation was one of the options....

i wonder if nintendo will do a splatfest event at pax west for this first weekend of september like they did with the transformers splatfest. you could get a purple or green shirt for playing!

Invisibility is good if you don't mind being BLIND. If you know anything about how your eyes work you'd realize why.

Invisibility for me. Flying is too... I feel like it would take lot of energy. Invisibility help to be stealthy.

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