Japan - Switch sales outpacing PS4 2-to-1

The Switch has been available in Japan for 24 weeks now, and has managed to move 1,436,031 units. The total would be even higher, but Switch stock has been an issue since launch. With that said, the Switch is still managing to outsell PS4 by a 2 to 1 margin. When you look at the first 24 weeks of the PS4, the system sold 653,377 units. You can see a full week-by-week breakdown here.

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Fri Aug 18 17 05:19pm
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Wonder what the doom sayers are going to say.

Fri Aug 18 17 05:55pm
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That they preordered the console but are 90% sure they are going to cancel because the system is going to be DOA.

Oh wait...

Fri Aug 18 17 05:58pm
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That some people think/ (more WISH) that Nintendo would do the same mistakes as with the Wii U is an odd concept. But that goes for Nintendo fanboys also. I am very happy to see Nintendo back in action.

VEry eager to see the next Direct. It shouldn't be too far away either.

sony fanboys are scared of this type of Nintendo success in japan, only because they feel this will take down some of the ps4 game support in japan. im just hoping this inspire japanese devs to hit the switch hard with original and experimental games.

As a Nintendo PlayStation supporter, I tip my hat off to the Big N and the success of the Nintendo Switch.

Fri Aug 18 17 11:34pm
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Honestly this comparison is neglecting the actual market situation in Japan. The PS4 sold worse than the Vita & Wii U in Japan in its first year. It sold absolutely miserably and picked up somewhat after that. Secondly, the Switch is selling like a successful portable in Japan, and now thanks to Nintendo resolving some stock issues, is actually selling about as well as the 3DS prior to the price drop. We’ll see how it compares to the 3DS post price drop, but I’m sure it’ll all be up to stock.

Basically, the Switch is doing great, but comparing to the PS4 in Japan just isn't a useful comparison.

Damn...I really want the Switch so badly...

Do you live in the US, Socar? If so, you might have a decent chance of walking into your local Target, Walmart, TRU, or GameStop and stumbling on a couple Switch units. In my area, they've been getting stocked for the last few days (the stock doesn't stay around forever, though.)

Oh getting it isn't the problem. The problem is that I am one of those victims under the parent type where kid has to beg daddy to get it for him even after I got a job.

Oh that's a bummer. Well, I hope you get one soon, my friend!

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