GameStop - 6,000 PowerUp Rewards Points for a Switch purchase

Remember, GameStop got a fresh shipment of the Switch this week, but you'll need to head into a retail location to pick one up. Good luck to anyone who's trying to grab one!

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So yeah....that's like 5 bucks worth of points.
Oh boy!

That's nothing extra, that's just the amount of points you gain by buying anything new that's $300 with a pro card. It says up to 6000 points, meaning basic members will still get 3000. Seems like a desperate ploy by doing nothing but make it sound like something. Meaning that, at least in the next few weeks, that Switches will be easier to snag.

Fri Aug 18 17 05:54pm
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Hooray for 2% back in rewards to use on a coupon for GameStop's hugest profit driver and biggest middle finger to its customers: used games

Fri Aug 18 17 09:05pm
(Updated 1 time)

I misunderstood the title of this post. I thought that you could trade-in 6,000 points to get a Switch and thought, "That's a good deal"...

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