Best Buy will have "limited quantities" of Switch on sale at the Nintendo World Championships 2017 qualifiers

Coming from Best Buy Nintendo World Championships splash page...

Save the date for a qualifier near you and start practicing your Mario Kart 7 skills. Show up and have a blast with game demos, giveaways, and fun surprises. Plus, there will be limited quantities of Nintendo Switch consoles for purchase at these store events.

Head to an event, try to win a spot in the tournament, play some Metroid: Samus Returns and Super Mario Odyssey, purchase a Switch of your own. Sounds like one hell of a fun day to me! Thanks to Anon for the heads up!

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I wish they would've used Gamestop and not Bestbuy. I live on Hawaii Island (big island) and there are only 2 best buys in Hawaii and they are both on Oahu. a $280 round trip flight plus accommodations to engage in the contest in the state of Hawaii for everyone who isn't on Oahu. However, there is at least one gamestop on every island.

That stinks that it costs so much to travel to places within your own state.
It is a shame that exclusivity is a thing. I have missed out on several items because I couldn't get to a store fast enough. And I only had to go a few miles down the road, not across the ocean. Sorry, my friend.

I appriceate your understanding. It's all just part of the price of living in paradise. Living on an active volcano out in the middle of the pacific is vastly more valuable to me than participating in a contest, No matter how fun it could've been. I knew that moving here would have it's various limits. But being able to swim with a sea turtle or manta ray anytime I feel like it, see glowing red, molten lava pour into the ocean and make GIANT explosions of stone and steam and climb the tallest peak in the pacific ocean and measured from its base on the bottom of the sea floor, the tallest mountain in the world, Mauna Kea and view every single star in the night sky. I know you'll agree. ;-)

That is paradise. Lucky barstad! ;)
I would love to visit there one day. I'll have to pick your brain sometime to find out all the best spots that aren't touristy.

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