Pokken Tournament DX demo coming to the Switch eShop

Looks like all the excitement from the Pokemon World Championships is spilling out to the rest of us! I'm pretty surprised the game is getting a demo, considering its a port of the Wii U/Arcade game. Still, a free demo isn't anything I'm going to complain about! Thanks to ContraNetwork for the heads up!


Great news. I'll definitely try it out.

What I really want to hear is that I can play a friend online and see if we should both buy the game... but I imagine that won't happen Sad

More games need demos. I will for sure get this and test it out since I am still very much on the fence on this one.

Interestingly enough, after I tried the Rayman Legends demo on Switch, I will go for the Wii I version.

It will probably be the exact same demo they released on Wii U (just like Rayman Legends was).

It might be a different demo considering the game has new characters and they want to show these new characters off (at least one of them).

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