Nintendo World Champions 2017 Qualifiers (New York) - photo gallery

Nintendo World Championships 2017 NY Qualifiers

I am so stoked for the actual championships. I am going to make it my mission to be there to watch the finals live! Looked like a blast at E3 a couple years ago. I'm not missing out on this one! Thanks to Magitroopa for the heads up!

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Sun Aug 20 17 12:10am
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It was a really fun time there yesterday. You do NOT need to qualify in Mario Kart 7 for NWC in order to play the demo, there is a line in store to play the demos. If all the upcoming qualifiers are like the NY location, there should be a sign up table outside the Best Buy location to register for qualifiers.

The demos are awesome, never really played a Metroid game before, still glad I got to try out Metroid: Samus Returns. Obviously what I (and most people) were waiting for was to play Super Mario Odyssey. You can either try out the Sand Kingdom or (my personal favorite), New Donk City.

There may be approximate wait times taped onto a paper on the floor, but if you just watch what is going on, maybe bring some games to play alone or with others waiting too, the wait in-line is not really that long at all. Probably took me about 1-2 hours to get from the back of the line (line wasn't super long) to the front of the line inside the room where I would shortly be playing the demos.

It is definitely worth the wait, even if you're just like me where you are mainly wanting to play Super Mario Odyssey. And after you demo each game, you get a free poster of SMO and Samus Returns! (Pictures of the posters are in the gallery of images)

So yeah. Go to it. Enjoy it. (Go to nwc.nintendo.com for upcoming dates!!!)

Is that John Numbers I see?

Sun Aug 20 17 11:36am
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Yep, him and CND were there!

I don't know whether it's a newer build or if it's just because it's off-screen footage, but Super Mario Odyssey looks even more graphically impressive than usual.

Sun Aug 20 17 11:38am
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The lady at my demo told me I couldn't take pictures of the screen (You know, after I already did, so...). Didn't really make sense to me since someone at the SF Bay Area location yesterday (@Wario64 on Twitter) told me that the lady at his said, "feel free to take photos". Either way, I got the photos I did, and I'm happy that I can look back at those photos (and that story) now.

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