RUMOR - Monster Hunter Stories' amiibo may not be seeing release outside of Japan

Monster Hunter Stories is coming to North America and Europe, but it seems that the amiibo released alongside the game in Japan might not come our way. The official site for Monster Hunter Stories in the states shows that all amiibo are supported, and they all give you in-game rewards. This is different from the game in Japan, where the game-specific amiibo were the only ones to unlock content. While we're lucky enough to be getting the game, it seems the special amiibo will remain in Japan. Thanks to Nataliek for the heads up.


I'm not joking when I say I literally got my shipment of the other three Monster Hunter amiibo just this morning, imported and all for a complete collection. (I had planned on buying them regardless, but knowing Stories was coming out pushed me to finally get them all.)

If this is the case does it mean they won't work with the game at all? I just don't understand Nintendo's logic with not releasing. The MH Stories amiibo aren't just some of the best looking amiibo to date, they give you fun monsters in game to start with and even have characters that can be swapped between their amiibo bases.

I've had my doubts about Nintendo releasing the amiibo, since we're less than a month from release and they've given NO WORD on them, but at least let those who put in the time to import use their amiibo the way they originally functioned.

Nintendo has really slowed down on amiibo lately. We didn't get an official release of the Boxboy amiibo either. I hate hearing things like this for games because it almost seems like they're not fully supporting it.

Also as a side note, the MH amiibo do still work with Animal Crossing and give you the Felyne character and access to the MH items. Nintendo make up your mind!!

Boxboy still works the way he is supposed to if you use him, oddly enough. There is a chance the amiibo will still work in Stories, they just won't advertise it if they aren't released here.

As for Nintendo not releasing them, they are Capcom's amiibo, not theirs. Nintendo may be handling publishing for overseas of the game, but it may be Capcom's call on bringing the amiibo over & I don't think Capcom cares enough, seeing as they didn't even bring this over & aren't bringing XX over right now.

I do cut Capcom some slack, they obviously wanted to focus on Monster Hunter World instead, and at least let Nintendo handle Stories localization. It just would more make sense if they let Nintendo deal with the amiibo as well.

Nintendo has really slowed down on amiibo lately.

Now that's just false. This E3 we had amiibo dumped all over us. Koopa Troopa, Goomba, Revali, Urbosa, Chrom, Tiki, Wedding Mario, Wedding Peach, Wedding Bowser, Samus, Metroid, Daruk, and Mipha were literally all announced at E3 that's literally 13 new amiibo to released by the end of the year not to mention we just had the last 6 Smash amiibo released as well as the Splatoon 2 set as well as the Pikmin amiibo. Not to mention the abundance of different Links we just had released not too long ago

Yeah they may not be going as hard as they did 2 years ago when the Smash line was announced but that was because the smash line was/is the most popular line and Nintendo has burned through most of it's most popular characters that will actually sell. Which is why amiibo sales are down (they're still good sales just not as good) because most people only want one or two of each character most people (besides collectors) don't want to own 50 different Mario's or 80 different Link's. Hell even when Nintendo releases the Animal Crossing amiibo they tank (granted it could be due to Amiibo Festival being a shit game released beside them but still..)

I apologize as I misworded that sentence, I meant amiibo that weren't for mainstream Nintendo titles, not amiibo in general.

It really isn't a surprise. The game did poorly in Japan where Monster Hunter is big. In the west, it'll be a minor success at best, and after how poorly the Animal Crossing amiibo sold, why would these ones be popular?

The Japanese version DOES support all amiibo, though...

Well, I wanted to wait in case the amiibo got announced last minute for Europe, but reading this I might actually import them asap before a probable rise in price for them :/

I am so sorry; this is my fault. My article meant to draw focus on the fact that no Monster Hunter amiibo were listed. I didn't state that Japan did not also use the same amiibo as the West but I can see how it could be interpreted that way. My apologies.

The European box shows amiibo support.
I got the three side characters from Play-Asia when they were on sale recently, so I've got four of them. The ones I'm missing are Navirou and the Boy Rider. Might pick them up down the line. They really are gorgeous amiibo!

Import them if you want 'em.
Boom, problem solved.

Yes, import them for the double of the price they cost instead of buying them locally. There is a little Money Mayweather in all of us.

Anyway. Wouldn't surprise me. The fact we get this game, localized in many languages, surely isn't the work of Capcom. Capcom is currently following the trail of Sonys money. Cutting the Amiibo stuff was maybe predicted to lower the costs if Stories fails like another classic RPG like the Dragon Quest VII Remake.

Uhhh, importing them right now is still estimated 15 bucks in the states. Pretty sure other places are comparable to the amiibos in their local retailers as well (give or take).

But I am sure they'll be hiking upwards once this game is introduced to other regions.

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