Battle Chasers: Nightwar Kickstarter update - Switch version might be delayed

The Switch wasn’t on the list of originally supported platforms, but we were excited to make it available after partnering with THQ Nordic. Because it’s a brand-new system, we’ve hit a few issues that are slowing things down, which should be addressed in a forthcoming update to Unity (the game engine Nightwar is built on). This has caused a potential delay in the Switch release. However, if this happens, we don’t think the delay will be significant.

As soon as we have more info about the engine update, we’ll provide a more concrete timeframe. We know you're excited that the game is coming to Switch in addition to the promised platforms, so rest assured we're doing everything in our power to make the October 3rd launch date!

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Sun Aug 20 17 09:19pm
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Honestly, this is just a blow to the game's success, not to Switch owners. I don't know what October 3rd gets them, competition wise, but I think they (and all indies) should push for same week releases.

I hope Yooka-Laylee can do well when it finally comes to Switch, but it feels like the delay at worst killed Switch owner enthusiasm, or at best won't spark a second wave of interest for the other platform owners.

Its still early in the life of the Switch and I think this is normal and good in the sense that they care enough to take the time to make it run great instead of rushing it and needing to do major patches afterward. Same day release with bad framerates and low handheld mode resolution/long load times would be much worse for their reputation and possible success on the platform than a delay.

Wed Aug 23 17 08:26am
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Sorry if my comment was unclear about this, but I meant to say they should delay the release of all versions until, well, all version are complete. Not rush one of them.

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