Nicalis to offer limited edition launch goodies for Ittle Dew 2 and Tiny Barbarian DX

Nicalis has been doing a fantastic job with their retail packages so far, so I'm thinking these goodies are going to be some great grabs. Can't wait to see what they're offering!

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Sun Aug 20 17 08:36pm
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I really hope its not gamestop/ebgames exclusives... my pre-orders are on amazon.

Exactly. I had my preorder on Cave Story+ all set up at Best Buy, then after RMC opened his on the podcast and showed the extra goodies, I just thought of it as an unexpected bonus. I open mine and........ nothing. Just a let down.

Wait... How did yours not come with something? You may want to harp on BB for that. Cause mine came from there as well, and barring the keychain I got all the other goodies.

Why bar the keychain?

The keychain was a GameStop exclusive, all other goodies were actually in my Best Buy purchase.

It would be great if Ittle 2+ includes the first Ittle Dew in there for a limited time. Think of it like Bayonetta 1 getting a limited physical release bundled with Bayonetta 2.

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