Pokémon and Mario included in the most appealing IPs in the strongest European markets for Q2 2017

The enduring power of Nintendo-related brands lives on. We've already talk about Nintendo brands being popular in the US, and now we have some data on Europe. According to research group Kids License Monitor, both Pokemon and Mario are included in the top brands European kids find most appealing. The study was conducted online, and included 1,200 children aged 4 to 12. Thanks to Gerjet for the heads up!

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Mon Aug 21 17 05:35am
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Well DUH. I mean its almost impossible to find a bad game within those IPs.

I STILL don't get Mario's popularity. Pokemon is fun, but every Mario game I've played is mediocre, WAY over-hyped, bland rubbish.

Honestly I feel the exact opposite way about those two IPs. Sure, I've never been a huge fan of 3d Mario games (up until 3d land and world), but I always have a good time playing the 2-D games and spin-offs. Meanwhile I find Pokemon games to be way too slow paced and boring.

H-hey now. Let's not mock over Super Mario here! Super Mario is here for EVERYONE to play!

In all seriousness, if you ask me, Mario is the most consistent platformer than other platform games. The only reason why platform games are relevant is because of Mario.

Because "opinions" and "everyone has one" and "they're all different"... seriously, I could name several franchises I think are boring, but other people love them, because that's just how it is...

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