Fear Effect Reinvented coming to Switch

London, UK, August 21: More than 17 years after it first stormed onto PlayStation, Square Enix Collective is excited to announce that the original Fear Effect game is being reimagined for modern day hardware, all under the watchful eye of some of the series’ biggest fans.

Fear Effect Reinvented has now been confirmed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Set for release in 2018, French studio Sushee will be handling the game’s intriguing and enticing rebirth.

If that name sounds familiar, that’s because Sushee is also the outfit behind Fear Effect Sedna, the forthcoming brand new chapter in the Fear Effect saga, backed by thousands of fans of Kickstarter.

Indeed, it was seeing the level of passion within the Fear Effect community, while creating Fear Effect Sedna, that lead Sushee to think seriously about creating a remake of the very game that started it all.

“As support for Fear Effect Sedna quickly built up steam, we realised how much love Fear Effect as a franchise still had amongst gamers,” offered Benjamin Anseaume, founder of Sushee.

“At the same time, we realised that as well as offering established fans something new with Sedna, it would be great to introduce fresh players to Fear Effect by remaking that first great adventure. Fear Effect Reinvented will capture the same spirit and atmosphere as the original game, but it’ll bring it into the present with drastically improved visuals, tweaked controls and other exciting extras.

“Fear not, however. Those original fixed camera angles will remain in place, albeit playing host to some brand new high-definition visuals.”

Fear Effect won praise from critics across the board back in 2000, dropping players into the dark underbelly that lies beneath Hong Kong’s brightly lit streets. On the hunt for the daughter of a powerful Triad leader kidnapped by persons unknown, players took control of any one of three mercenaries - Hana, Deke, and Glas - as they explored a world uniquely rendered in full-motion video. It was a visual feast few of its contemporaries at the time could compete with.

Published by Square Enix Collective, Fear Effect Reinvented will look to be equally ambitious when it hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2018. This new project will once again unite developer Sushee with support from Poland-based publisher Forever Entertainment. Stand by for more details later this year.

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I really didn't see this one coming to Switch. Very sweet ot is. Tvey got me on board.

Now to get Sedna on the same platform.

Well EA and Activision ain't supporting the Switch, but others are allowed to give it a shot.

(Yeah, yeah and Platinum should show what they are workin' on soon")

Cool that they're keeping a cartoony aesthetic. I remember I enjoyed the original but don't remember much about the game itself.

Worth keeping an eye on.

If it's a good port, I'm there day one!


Mon Aug 21 17 10:08pm
(Updated 1 time)

Interesting. I wonder if we'll get the sequel (Sedna*) too?

*this is an edit.

If the first one does well enough period they MIGHT consider it. Right now they're making this and Sedna.

That's what I was saying, I was talking about Sedna, as the Fear Effect 2 is a prequel, Sedna is the first sequel that will be released (as Inferno, the "real" first sequel, was cancelled). I should have been more precise. Sorry.

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