HAL opens mobile subsidiary, first title due out Fall 2017

Hal had announced HAL Egg, a mobile focused offshoot. They will be using HAL Egg to launch mobile games, with the first due out Fall 2017. It seems these mobile games will focus on new characters.

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Well....this certainly is odd. Why not join with DeNa instead?

As for the company, I only hope for the best. Hopefully if they are to make a Kirby game on mobile, I hope they don't do anything that ruins the experience like Super Mario Run or Fire Emblem Heroes.

Was Super Mario Run THAT bad?

Oh no its nowhere bad. Its just that the reliance on being online all the time is what ruins it for me.

Oh yeah. The reason I didn't get to start with. Forgot about that.

I sorta feel like Nintendo is probably going to take on the mobile side of things themselves after the 5 games with DeNA are done with. But I dunno. We'll see.

Also FE Heroes is the worst FE I've ever played, never played Super Mario Run. (Also not sure DeNA had anything to do with FE Heroes. Still awful, though.)

Nintendo bought stocks of DeNA so it would be a bad decision to make mobile games without them. DeNA's stock market value would fall and Nintendo would loose money with that.


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