Grab a third-party clear case replacement for your Switch

I can never decide if clear shells for your hardware is silly, or rad. They're definitely a 90s thing, and that's fine with me! If you're brave enough to operate on your Switch and give it this fancy new clear look, you can grab the case right here.

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The 90's in me wants that so bad but the clear indigo joycon and backing shells are coming back to kickstarter and I think I'm going to jump on those.

I will never be man enough to mess with the core switch itself.

But those atomic purple are the only true clear options!

True that. I'm getting those clear purple cases first chance I get

Yeah I immediately hopped on that when it came up. Was one of the first on it.

I don't trust aftermarket console shells, but if Nintendo released it as an official style one day it'd be sweet.

This is the one to get:


If I recall, I'm pretty sure he's doing another production run after his first batch ships out.

I love things like these but I'd never try to mess with my controllers (even less a console). I'd love to see official transparent Joy-Cons some day, I'd definitely buy a pair.

Seems like it would be simple enough to do, but I'm not gonna mess with the factory build... at least for now, anyway.

Also, your use of the word "rad" really makes it even more 90s. Maybe even a bit 80s. :P

The coloured buttons are on the wrong side: It's the face buttons that should be coloured, and the directional buttons should be dark.

The transparent thing is better, imo, if it's only semi-transparent and the plastic is actually coloured too. Like this:


Now, those machines look sexy a hell as far as I'm concerned.

Clear is cool, but I prefer translucent.

This made me miss my see-through phone and SNES controller. And my GameBoys.

I bought the $40 combo for joy cons and screen. The site said it takes 20 days to get here if I can post pictures and a review I will.

Well, the console itself is pretty useless to have a translucent case as it's just a metal plate... but still cool... but I never will do this.

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