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Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Original Soundtrack Album announced, releasing October 25

by nintendaan
28 August 2017
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This comes from Twitter user theprinceofiris and official website...

- includes five discs (four audio, one data), five postcards, stickerbook and exclusive FE Cipher promo card
- over 5 hours of music, including DLC/amiibo music, FE Gaiden music, English and instrumental versions of The Heritors of Arcadia
- FE Cipher Main Theme is also included
- lyrics to The Heritors of Arcadia
- opening movie rendered in HD
- 24 page full color booklet
- within the booklet contains an inside story behind the game's sound team (Yuka Tsujiyoko, among others)
- priced at 5300 yen, available October 25
- Content on each CD:
Disc 1: 27 tracks
Disc 2: 23 tracks
Disc 3: 21 tracks
Disc 4: 20 tracks
Data Disc: 63 MP3 tracks (320kbps), title movie (HD)