Splatoon 2 features built-in voice chat for LAN play

I've played Splatoon 2 via LAN play. I had a group of people over two days in a row, and we enjoyed Salmon Run mode together. We set up our TVs in the same room, so we were all together playing. No need to yell across the house or even consider checking voice chat. Turns out I should have given it a try.

Apparently you can utilize a built-in voice chat feature via Splatoon 2's LAN play. All you need is a headset with a mic. Plug it in and you're good to go. Great for those who are spread throughout a single house for LAN play. Now if we could only get this feature for general online play!

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So why keep this from online players?

Mon Aug 28 17 12:46pm
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The world is a dangerous place. Full of toxicity, rottenness and LGBT posts that sound more like wanting to annoy people than actually make a point about awareness.

Also I'm not sure if this feature has a mute button. One could still hear the people they're playing with.

They are probably worried about connections with the p2p setup as it is, and they don't want it to get worse. There has been some rumblings that they will update the netcode in the future. With this new info, I'd imagine that better voice chat would be part of the update

Mon Aug 28 17 12:28pm
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Seriously, what the hell. This makes the situation even more absurd and confusing.

Mon Aug 28 17 12:39pm
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So, it's not the designers of the system itself that are insane, but the designers of the voice chat...

Edit: This would be nice to have in Monster Hunter XX as well...

So E-sport players in the same room can voice-chat without a phone, but not E-sport player in online room?

Nintendo don't understand voice-chat CONFIRMED,

Mon Aug 28 17 01:39pm
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Splatoon was an exception because it's a damn good game but I'll probably stick to single player games on switch so I won't feel stuck when Nintendo starts charging for this.

It's baffling they haven't integrated this into the system's online infrastructure instead of relying on the horrible Switch Online app.

I hope Nintendo reconsiders and adds it to the system itself, in the same way they redid their plans for free VC games.

Why would you even want to deal with the hassle of LAN? it's a local multiplayer game...just play locally. Everyone has a Switch, don't need tv's and you can sit next to your teammate and talk


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