Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitch lets you see Link without the cartoon shader

Zelda BOTW graphic glitch

The following comes from Reddit user Rangers_of_the_North...

While on the hunt for korok seeds on my master mode run, I discovered a strange glitch on the bridge over Lake Hylia. On the left side of the gate there is a broken concave section that I rested at. While zooming in to get a better look, I saw that Link's look has completely changed! He looks like a doll, he has a shine to him and the shadows on his body became realistic. Other things changed too, fire enchanted weapons, bombs, even Fierce Deity armor have altered looks. The lighting effects of fairies have an awesome glow to them too!

You've seen the results, you know the spot to go to, now check it out yourself! I'm going to fire up the game and give it a shot myself. Now I bet someone figures out how to make this glitch last the entire game!


This is an old glitch, I though more people knew about it, or else I would have sent in the glitch here sooner.

This looks fantastic! I wish we'd get another Zelda without cel shading one day...

Really? Looks like GameCube style models without the filter.

And this ladies and gentlemen shows why cell shading is so important to game developers. It allows you to have dreamcast-like models and still have them look good.

Huh. I swear this was already posted here before. It might be old news but it's still cool. I still wonder why it's just that one tiny spot though.

It definitely was, same pics and everything right here on this site

I'm surprised you're only reporting this now, considering it was found back in June.

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