Announcing Super Meat Boy Forever

Meat Boy is back in a brand new game! Super Meat Boy Forever is the sequel to the 2010 indie hit, Super Meat Boy! We decided to call it “Super Meat Boy Forever” because “Super Meat Boy 2” doesn’t sound cool, also we couldn’t possibly corner ourselves into a long development cycle without putting “Forever” in the title.

If you’ve heard of Super Meat Boy Forever before, you’ll notice this looks a lot different than the game that was announced at PAX 2014. Early this year we basically started all over with a vision much bigger than the original vision for Super Meat Boy Forever...this is a true sequel...this is Super Meat Boy 2, but with a cooler name.

So what’s new in the sequel? Well let’s start with what’s the same:

Dr. Fetus is still a jerk

Gameplay is super challenging but still fair

There tight controls

There are beautifully designed levels, both visually and functionally

You will die...a lot.

Now for what’s new:

Meat Boy and Bandage Girl have a little baby named Nugget (awww). Dr Fetus has kidnapped Nugget, forcing Meat Boy and Bandage Girl to rescue her.

There are 6 new chapters with bosses, secrets, and new dynamically constructed levels in both the light world and the super difficult dark world.

Each time you beat a level, it reconstructs into a harder version of itself (up to a point...we aren’t gods). This is all carefully designed, we aren’t like, throwing 50,000 saws at you and calling it “hard”.

Meat Boy and Bandage Girl are no longer defenseless, they can punch and kick their enemies. Nothing feels better than punching a stupid mushroom guy in the face and launching it into a saw.

And, the big news, the controls controls are now two buttons, you have a jump, a jump attack, a dive, and a slide.

Now, you might be asking “How can you have a Meat Boy game with two buttons?” Well, the secret is you design the controls then you design levels that complement the controls. That’s how we did it with Super Meat Boy, and that’s how we’ve done it with Super Meat Boy Forever and it works amazingly well and it has the benefit of allowing anyone to pick up and play the game, but still offers a challenge on par with Super Meat Boy.

Super Meat Boy Forever is coming in 2018 to Steam, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. Our goal is to make the game great on PC and Consoles then bring it over to mobile platforms.

Team Meat will be demoing Super Meat Boy Forever at PAX West Booth #835. We invite everyone to come by and check out the game for yourself. It will be playable on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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