Dragon: Marked For Death also coming to 3DS (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Inti Creates has now said the game isn't coming to 3DS, despite what the press release said.

Just incase you didn't catch this earlier today, Dragon: Marked for Death is hitting both Switch and 3DS. The Switch version was shown off during the Nindies Showcase, but the press release confirms the title's 3DS version as well.

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Oh come on, this would be a perfect switch exclusive. No need to focus on that install base unless the game was in dev with 3DS in mind for years

Wed Aug 30 17 06:11pm
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it was first revealed back in 2011 as a 3DS exclusive but news on the project laid dormant for years. So it makes perfect sense.

I'm honestly surprised it's been so long. I vividly remember lots of the 3DS gems announced back then that we never got in favor of poor quality games (Still depressed about Time Travelers getting skimmed over for Yokai Watch, and Beyond the Labyrinth for a Yu-Gi-Oh game missing tons of content) but I never heard of that one. And I remember hearing about other games like Kaio and looking forward to them! I guess that makes the 3DS version understandable in this case.

Time Travelers was released in Japan and was one of the biggest flop of that year... :/ I was VERY interested in that game too... (if we're talking about the same game here.... the one with the trailer in the bullet train?)

Is your enjoyment of the game is hampered by other console owners getting to play it too?

No, but if a game is released on a weaker system and the game bombs on the Switch because of it, that doesn't help the developers at all. It was fine having MGB and BMZ on 3DS since in BMZ's case it was initially a 3DS only game while MGB was released and probably developed for the 3DS or a long while. From what it seems, the game's been in development for an eternity though which makes the 3DS launch make sense, but you'd have to admit that starting development for a 3DS game this year would be a really silly move to do with a new handheld out.

If a game bombs on the Switch just because it was also released on the 3DS, that's means the Switch doesn't have much future.

Did Blaster Master Zero and Mighty Gunvolt Burst bomb? No? Then what are we worrying about? More people get to play the game, and it's still a nintendo exclusive, just not locked to just one system. That's a win-win!

Thu Aug 31 17 04:33am
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but you'd have to admit that starting development for a 3DS game this year would be a really silly move to do with a new handheld out.

Depends on the install base of the new console.

Wed Aug 30 17 06:33pm
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Must be awkward for them not seeing the same potential in sales from a ~3 million console install base as opposed to a >20 million console install base.

If the game's been in development for a while like this game has, it makes sense to release it on the platform it was meant for along with the new tech. I'm referring to my fear of some developers (either due to Nintendo not giving out dev kits or them being picky) simply starting development on a 3DS game from scratch this year, and releasing it later in 2017/early 2018 and hoping for it to sell. Or releasing it with the Switch in mind but the 3DS as a side system, only to have the 3DS version sell more because why not. I'm not worried about it in situations like this game and FE Warriors, but I have a feeling some multiplat ports will be more common in the future despite the need of releasing it on two handheld systems at once being rather pointless, unless as I mentioned earlier it was worked on for the 3DS so long that giving up that version would be a waste of effort.

A link to said press release would be appreciated.... thank you.


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