Inti Creates now says Dragon: Marked for Death is a Switch-exclusive, not coming to 3DS

It seems there's a bit of confusion with Dragon: Marked for Death. We originally thought the game was only for Switch, but then the official PDF for the game stated a 3DS version was coming too. I just double-checked now, and the press release does say 3DS.

Obviously, we believe Inti Creates knows their own game best, so it looks like this is only Switch. I've reached out to an Inti Creates contact to try and get an official statement on the confusion. Thanks to MaZe for the heads up!

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Guessing this was made for the Switch from the beginning. And the 3DS is going to be phased out sooner or later, so...

Well, that was... surprisingly what I wanted. Well, before I learned it was in dev hell for 3DS for so long. I'd at least like to see the 3DS version finished for the sake of seeing how far the game has come since inception on what it was planned for, but it also makes sense that they'd put it on the newer handheld system instead of the prior, and I assume the stronger sales of BMZ/MGB on Switch was the cause

But I really would like to hear what the holdup on this game was for. Seems crazy to have this being worked on for so many years. I'd also like to hear what happened to Medium for the Wii U. (Remember that game? With the creepy phone calls and whatnot?)

I would venture that either the 3DS isn't capable of running the game how they liked or after a few years of development Nintendo mention the Switch to the developers, like they did with a few indies originally destined for the Wii U.

Guess they prefer to sell less than 1 million units.

Thu Aug 31 17 11:27pm
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I think this is the better move. Switch is hot right now, get in while the getting is good. Don't split the audience between two platforms.


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