Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes to include Shovel Knight collaboration

With Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, we know that Travis Touchdown is getting sucked into 6 different indie games. The reveal trailer confirmed Hotline Miami as a collaboration, and now the Nindies at Night segment above confirmed Shovel Knight as a collab as well. Now we just need to wait to find out the 4 other collabs!

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Fri Sep 01 17 01:09am
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Wait... so Travis will be running around Shovel Knight's world? And killing things in Shovel Knight's world? ...that might get awkward... unless everything dies in a fashion fitting of their particular universe.

You can BET they will explode in coins and gems.

Fri Sep 01 17 04:56am
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Just my opinion. But I kind of wish people would tone down the amount of crossovers that get pushed into otherwise, stand alone games. Especially with Shovel Knight.

Pretty much figured, since the word indie was mentioned....

Is he going to show up in Azure Striker Gunvolt? Maybe a space shooting stage in Graceful Explosion Machine?

Y'know, I suspected that picture of Travis by the fireplace was a hint...

Fri Sep 01 17 03:05pm
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I'm not sure how I feel about this concept... I'd rather something pure NMH, not some dubious tie ins with franchises I care nothing for... or even ones I do.

I'm especially sick of seeing Shovel Knight shoe-horned into things.


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