Super Mario Run disappears from iOS App Store

The image above shows all the Nintendo-published titles on the iOS App Store. As you might notice, Super Mario Run is missing. We have no idea why, but the game has completely disappeared from the iOS App Store. We don't know if it's the same for Android users. Wonder if Nintendo is going to share some insight on this.

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Still available on android.

If this is because of Apple's stupid purge I swear to god.

what purge are you talking about?

Apple has been wanting devs to make apps exclusively in 64bit for some time. Its possible that Super Mario Run is a 32bit title and it finally got whacked. Don't see why this would have happened though, its not that old.

Knowing Apple, they found someone talking about Super Mario Run on Gab.ai so they removed the game with a vague statement about not allowing nazi hate speech on their platform.

Seriously, it could be Nintendo who pulled it down but Apple will remove you for absolutely no reason these days. So will Google, at that.

Who still has Miitomo but not Fire Emblem Heroes? Miitomo and Mario Run suck.

i have none because they all suck

I still play Mario Run pretty regularly. At this point I've likely spent 40+ hours in it. I thought it was great.

And there's nothing really wrong with that. Its just that you NEED online to play it that annoys a lot. I still have the game but I barely touch it simply because my office doesn't allow wi-fi on phone.

My theory to this is..its probably Nintendo who did this inorder to make changes to the game so that it can probably be more enjoyable.

Tue Sep 05 17 02:32pm
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It's still there for me.

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