Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 hitting Switch in NA/EU on Nov. 28th, motion controls & HD rumble included

- includes optional motion controls, where the right Joy-Con let's you aim and swing for knife attacks, plus flicked up to reload
- the left Joy-Con can be shaken to get loose from enemies
- includes HD rumble
- co-op Raid Mode can be played online
- in Revelations 2, you can enjoy local co-op with a single Joy-Con
- includes all DLC for both games


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Wed Sep 06 17 01:37pm
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Unlike the Street Fighter 2 port, I'll pick this up. I've only played the Revelaitons version.

What about Audio chat though? It was built into the original game on Wii U but what about the Switch version? Games that had it built in in Wii U games ditched it in their Switch ports like Mario Kart 8 (for lobby audio chat) and Minecraft. So what about this one then?

I wouldn't count on it.
Is it really useful in that game ?

Wed Sep 06 17 03:03pm
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It's indispensable if you want to become good at co-op play. I made friends on the Wii U version that way, people I've been playing with on a weekly basis for the last few years, whom I would never have gotten to know without the voice chat in that game. The exchange of tips and tricks about this game via the voice chat is what made this game what it is on the Wii U, an extraordinary little community of players.

Me and a French guy still hold the coop world record time on the Ghost Ship level in the Raid Mode, on the Wii U version. We would never have made it without voice chat.

Motion controls are added ?
That's it I'm getting this. It will give me an opportunity to play the second game also.

November 28th? Wish it was a little sooner but eh I'm still gonna get it even if I own both Revelations on PS3 and even had the Wii U port of the first game for awhile. That being said I never actually beat the first Revelations so I guess Switch will be the time...

HD Rumble and motion? I will get the first for 3DS for the 3D, but the second on Switch then I guess.

Wed Sep 06 17 03:09pm
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Contrary to what people would have you believe, the Wii U version, at least for the Raid mode, is very different from the 3DS version. It's far more refined. The 3DS version's online won't be supported much longer and it's in the online department that the first game really shined. + the 3DS version has game breaking glitches in the Raid Mode, like instance where you simply can't finish a mission because of how bad the glitches are, and they never bothered to patch those out.

Such glitches were patched out in later versionS, but the Wii U version still haD glitches of its own, like all console versions of the game? that were never patched either, at least up until the current gen re-release.

The RAID mode in the Switch version however (along with the PS4/XBONE version) will be the most complete to date, there's quite a bit of content added in there. Higher levels of customisation for the weapons and revamped stages they said (the Ghost Ship stage in particular) should bring even more depth to it.

The 3DS version is still a decent way to play it (and dirt cheap, it's frequently discounted on the eShop at 10$), but not the most ideal by a long shot, especially since they'll pull the plug on the online soon enough.

Well, thanks for all that. Did not know.

But then again I am not taht much into the online part (but that CAN change) but I do love the Hell out of 3D on the 3DS. Odd, really, since I got a Wii U and a Switch rather than a New 3DS.

I had the Demo for the 3DS, but never alyed the full game. How does it stand up to 1-4?

Wed Sep 06 17 06:32pm
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It's the first Resident Evil to let you both move AND aim at the same time, so I'd say it plays infinitely better than 1-4. As for the mood, it's up there I'd say, in terms of horror. It was at least a step back in the right direction after Resi 5 which wasn't a horror game at all imho. The story is just ok, not super great or anything, maybe that's where it's weakest. I've put over 700 hours in the online mode alone on the Wii U though, and perhaps only 10% of that in the solo campaign.

On 3DS if you have an OG 3DS or 3DS XL and do not own a circle pad pro, you'll be more limited in terms of controls. It plays best with a second analog stick for aiming, a role that the tiny nub on the New 3DS models probably won't fill nearly as well I'm afraid, which is another reason why I'd recommend the console versions over this one. The Wii U Gamepad is my favourite way to play it because I can quickly switch between weapons and grenade types on the fly without having to scroll through them all with the D-Pad by simply tapping them on the left and right edges of the gamepad touch screen. So I'm gonna have a hard time adjusting to the Switch controls in the future, but I am willing to put in the effort for the new content. Wii U controllers were just so perfectly made for twin stick first and 3rd person shooting games because of the position of both sticks at the top. I wish I could at least play that game with my Wii U Pro Controller on the Switch if anything :P.

I was gonna pass as I have both games (RER on both 3DS and Wii U, and RER2 on PS4), but RE4 like Wii controls? Dammit, they got me.

Wed Sep 06 17 03:16pm
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Motion options, HD rumble support, single Joy-Con, all DLC? You know how to treat a player right.

Wow, that's a miracle, motion controlled shooters will be the only shooters I'll be getting for Switch, otherwise I'll be focusing on countless of other games on the system and past systems.

If the aiming is close to the Wii version of RE4, I'm getting both games. Planned to skip the first since I have it on 3ds.

motion controls? really?!

I already have these games but what the heck! I loved the motion controls on RE4 and I missed them in subsequent titles. Those are excelent news!

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