Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 - file sizes

Resident Evil Revelations (digital) requires 13GB of HD space
Resident Evil Revelations 2 (digital) requires 26GB of HD space

Some beefy games to download, for sure. If you're going the digital route for both, you'll fill up your Switch storage space in one run!

Here's another interesting tidbit worth pointing out. These file sizes are bigger than the PC releases for these games!


they need to ask Nintendo for the secret compression software

Thu Sep 07 17 03:37pm
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There is no secret compression software, this joke has been run into the ground way too much

they could still call pied piper and use their technology

26 GB is a lot of space but I'll put up with it this time. My SD card is still roomy at the moment but I fear that 128GB won't be enough in the long run.

Well, I'm theorizing that Nintendo has been aware of the quickly decreasing cost of rom cards since they've started developing the Switch. As it stands now, 8 and 16 gig Switch cards are fairly cheap, whereas 32 gigs would already add too much cost to a retail game's price. However, in the next few years, 32 and 64 gig cards will become much cheaper, so I'm guessing we'll start seeing those more and more further into the Switch's lifecycle, making your storage space less of an issue (that is, if you're not going full digital). I actually think Nintendo factored this in that way.

Thu Sep 07 17 04:11pm
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That's the hope going forward. Switch game cards being cheap enough for most third party games without having to download additional data. I'm not going full digital. Only for eshop-only games like R2 in this case. With the Switch being portable, there are rare instances that I would choose digital over physical. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one. Whenever Smash Bros. and Animal Crossing make it to the Switch, I'm going digital with those.

I would have rather had a 32GB card used with 6GB of required download to play 2. However it probably would have not been able to keep the $40 price point. Eh beggers can't be choosers.

Thu Sep 07 17 10:03pm
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Seeing the size of the second game show exactly why it's download only... :/

yikes , I know I have yet to play one pc steam games because of the 25g size. So I should really have gone for digital splatoon

Gross. Rethinking getting both.

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