RUMOR - Nintendo Direct coming Sept. 13th, 2017

A lot of people have been wondering when we're going to get the next Nintendo Direct. It's certainly been some time, and if you look back on the schedule of these things, we're a bit overdue for a presentation. Seems like one might be right around the corner, as the original source for the L.A. Noire Switch rumor has come forward to say he's heard rumblings of a Nintendo Direct on Sept. 13th, this Wednesday!

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I want to know something about that Kirby 3DS game that is allegedly coming out out this winter.

Sat Sep 09 17 01:50pm
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Nintendo: "Which day would be inconvenient for RMC? Let's do it that day."

Don't worry Nintendaan is trained for this.

Will we finally get a date for XC2?
More HYPE for more Odysses-kingdoms

I certainly hope so. i want to know exactly when that game is coming so I can plan accordingly. If I'm going crazy with the hoping, I hope we get a demo.

I want to know something about that Kirby 3DS game that is allegedly coming out out this winter.

Wouldn't be surprised if we got some Pokemon US/UM news considering CoroCoro releases that week. Hopefully we get some non Gen 1 alolan forms

Sat Sep 09 17 02:31pm
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I feel like I don't need to hear anymore about Odyssey, Pokken, or Fire Emblem Warriors they've gone in depth with those games enough. Maybe a new trailer for Odyssey (showcasing the new kingdoms but that's it) I don't need a Arms style direct for Odyssey

The year is vastly approaching a close I hope we get a glimmer of what's to come next year because all we know of is kirby, Yoshi, and Fire Emblem (how about some footage?). Maybe a new surprise or two? Yes we know about Prime 4 and Pokemon but I doubt either have enough in development to show and I doubt Prime 4 is even making it out next year. Pokemon I see as a November release and even if it was ready enough to show I doubt they would cause they want to promote Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

I hope if they do show some sneak peaks for 2018. I hope we get a new 1st party title reveal (maybe Retro's game), maybe another deluxe Wii U port (Smash or Mario Maker please), more 3rd party announcements (since more companies seem to be jumping on board), and absolutely no 3DS to be found please.

They'll probably highlight FE:W for a tad, talk about more of the roster, show off Mario + Rabbids DLC, Zelda DLC, Yoshi (or) Kirby tidbits and their release.

New announcements will probably be a double "duh" moments. Bets on mario & Sonic Olympics and Mario Party 11.

God I totally forgot about the Zelda DLC I actually am really excited to see some more of that.

And oddly enough, a lot of people hyped for the DLC seem to forget how close we are for it to potentially release and we know nothing about it.

And... you know... platinum.

Sat Sep 09 17 03:09pm
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I want them to push services on Switch like Netflix, an internet browser and the like. In between gaming the screen teases me on wanting to use it for other aspects.

A web browser at the bare minimum in my opinion, Netflix, or Hulu would be a great addition too for those that use it.

I'm gonna say bullhonkey on this rumor, but I hope to God I'm wrong.

New Leaf update, amiibo and mobile app reveal pls

Show me the virtual console!

What? Wh-wh-wh-whhhaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Pleeeeaaaaaaaaaasssse be truuuuue!!

Sat Sep 09 17 04:18pm
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Nintendo knows how to (maybe) treat a boy on his birthday!

Can't see them looking past this year - they needent bother as they don't have enough stock stock anyway.

I predict a look at the holiday season line up. Mostly Mario, Xenoblade + whatever is the December game - a fun surprise perhaps? Smash? Would surely sell a ton!

Looking forward to this if it's true, maybe they can talk about how you aren't going to be able to buy the SNES Classic (snark). Seriously, I did see the Splatoon 2 stock at my local Walmart. A whole 2 of them behind the glass-stock shortages, huh?

I hope they mention the mobile Animal Crossing.

There's gonna be a press event at the 13th in Europe. More Odyssey kingdoms will be shown, at the very least.

Do you have a source for this?

Don't know if I can reply to both of you at once. But a friend of mine is from the press and got an invitation for the 13th. It says they are introducing two new kingdoms, so I suppose they'll be playable at the event. Plus, it coincides with the direct. The same happened earlier this year with the big Switch events.

I'm not sure whether this is under NDA or not, but you don't know who exactly I'm talking about, so I guess it's fine. ^^
Anyways, we'll see in just a few days.

Where did you hear about this?

Replied to Zippo right above your comment. See ya there. :D

Sun Sep 10 17 12:07am
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Here's what the three things the direct should have.

1. Virtual Console
2. Virtual Console
3. Virtual Console

Honestly, I think that's what a lot of us are curious about.

Berrix and I have been throwing ideas around like crazy. I still say they will reveal Retro's new game and a teaser from Platinum's game would be a wish come true.


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