WWE Superstar AJ Styles throws some praise at the Switch

For those who don't know, AJ Styles is one of the most talented men in WWE right now. He's absolutely amazing to watch. He's also a huge video game fan, and travels with all sorts of gaming goodies. Glad to see he finally jumped on-board the Switch train!

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Thats high praise, considering he is a pretty big Xbox fanboy

if only xavier woods did the same too. this dude is always playing ps4, or retro games on the ps4. you'd think he'd support switch more, being its so travel friendly and full of retro games he always play.

He's the best wrestler in the world. Glad to hear he's on board. Hopefully he can get Xavier Woods on board too. We need some Switch on UpUpDownDown.

Theres a photo of AJ playing a custom portable Xbox One on a train, if anyone would love the Switch, it's him!

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