RUMOR - Lichtspeer devs say Nintendo is working on an achievement system for Switch

Well here's a VERY interesting tidbit coming from the dev team behind Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition on Switch. During a Reddit AMA with the dev team, they made an off-hand comment about leaderboards. The comment is shared below.

Nintendo doesn't have an official support for Achievements and Leaderboards, like Sony or Microsoft but we know that they're working on it. We'll see how it goes and we'll add the rankings along the way.

That would certainly be a big bit of news! The Lichtspeer devs have released a game on Switch, so they certainly would have an idea of some behind-the-scenes details. Now the question is, did they just leak a big secret, or did they make a mistake? Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!

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Ugh. What a waste of manpower.

Sat Sep 09 17 11:03pm
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OMG YAY!!! Welcome to 2005 Nintendo 🎉🎊

Ugh. What a waste of manpower.

There's nothing wrong with adding a feature that pretty much will make the Switch on par with other platforms when it comes to features. In most cases, even the games that do try to be on par with other versions (like the numerous indies and stuff like Rayman Legends) end up feeling a bit lesser on Switch ATM because they don't have what every other version of the game has. Having an achievement system in the OS makes the need for devs having to manually add a menu and all sorts of trackers moot, which is great for devs and it keeps the games pretty much identical in content. Nothing wrong about it at all and it should have honestly been on Switch from day 1. Even if you don't particularly care for it, tons of others do and it's a gaming industry tradition at this point.

Sat Sep 09 17 11:13pm
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Neat, unless they are of actual use it's literally a benchmark of... Well, literally nothing you'll remember.

Cannot wait for that "replayability" to magically skyrocket because people have to play a gawdy game for 30 years. Cause y'know, achievement.

Oh it's going to be such a sad day for the people who don't want the feature: please keep ridiculing the people who think it would be cool literally EVERY time it comes up. PLEASE go on and on for literal years about how much better you are than people who look forward to such a feature. It's not offensive or anything. I *like* the constant implication that I'm a simple-minded feeb with low-brow tastes, and complaining about a potential feature that doesn't interest you is a really normal and healthy thing to do anyway, so go for it!

Sun Sep 10 17 02:39pm
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Funny, didn't imply that now did I? So why do you wish to call names over a non-feature that eats more manpower than it offers back in reward?

YOU don't get to define the level of "reward" for everybody. THAT'S what irritates me: you still don't get how your whole argument is based on the assumption that your personal judgment call is "correct."

Very hypocritical thinking though.

So what do you do with your achievements once you "earned" them?

Sun Sep 10 17 03:10pm
(Updated 1 time)

I don't have to justify anything to some bitter guy on the internet. They've been a mainstaple of gaming on everything other console for ten plus years. What do you do with your scores after you get them in Nintendo games? Ridiculous question!

Do I have scores on Nintendo games?

Try jumping on a goomba in Mario 3D World and see what happens. Your desperation to counteract anything anybody says is wearying and I'm done now. You just want to "prove" people who enjoy this feature are wrong and just haven't "overcome" their "false" enjoyment like you have, and that's insulting as hell. I'm done.

And they can do away with that arbitrary number, too. Did I ever defend it need to be there? Nope, pretty removable if you ask me (unless Nintendo wishes to approach leaderboards with it, then it has actual function).

Because you don't care, they should remove it? My son likes competing with me in multiplayer over who gets the "hat," as he calls the crown awarded to the player with the high score. I'm sure tons of people do the same. But you don't care, so it should be removed: unless there are "leaderboards," which are okay, because YOU personally would like them. Just stop.

Sun Sep 10 17 03:42pm
(Updated 1 time)

You're putting words into my mouth, I wouldn't care if they're removed, but you cannot fault me for saying they have served no genuine purpose in Mario games since the Classic Nintendo Tournaments. I don't care for leaderboards, either, but they're functional. The crown thing was a thing added to NSMB, since then they've served no purpose, they can continue with improving that formula, but for most of it's life it was literally there for traditions sake.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE RIGHT. The Switch will be my ultimate gaming system if so, as that way I don't have to worry about missing out on minor extras when buying a multiplat game. Don't mind if it's like steam where it's a optional per developer basis, but giving third parties that option will be a big help in the long run

Sat Sep 09 17 11:39pm
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Third parties aren't giving the Switch their support isn't because of an un-interactive sticker system.

Doesn't make or break if a game comes to Switch or not, but it certainly will help multiplatform owners like me choose a version that has everything the PS4 versions will likely have... PLUS Portability due to the Switch being a handheld. It's the one thing stopping me from buying non-exclusive Switch titles and if this was added EVERYTHING I bought would be for switch unless it had a massive FPS problem

Or better graphics, generally cheaper too on other systems. So portability can still be overshadowed.

Sun Sep 10 17 12:04am
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I wonder if you realise that its all up to the developer's decision if they want to add achievements or not instead of Nintendo.

Heck...I don't get why devs can't add them instead of a console doing that for them to begin with.

Nintendo needs to add an achievement system to the System OS in order for devs to add their achievements in a easier fashion. They could do it manually in-game like the Rime devs are doing, but compared to it being through the native OS the process takes a lot longer and it ultimately leads to a lot of extra time spent on the Switch version that wouldn't normally be needed if it was just a native system thing (since they could get it working the same on all platforms, as the other consoles force it on devs)

Right....defending devs to avoid making a simple thing like an in-game achievement system which can be potentially more fun than the annoying pop up achievements.

I do hope that they do the option of not having a pop up for each achievement earned.

Simple? I not sure you've developed a system before. If it looks simple then a lot of work went towards that.

I was referring to how instead of having achievements in OS, you can have it in the game itself like Kid Icarus Uprising.

That takes a heck of a lot longer to develop and while some games do that for future proof purposes/because they're exclusive to Nintendo platforms it's not usually the ideal way to go about it. There's a reason most multiplat games just skip them entirely on switch instead of spending extra months on it (unless you're RIME which was exactly one of the reasons for the delay)

Sat Sep 09 17 11:23pm
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Hope it comes with the added announcement of an Internet Browser.

No thanks. I get enough trolls hacking Wii U and 3DS online play. Unless you like taking 100 Blue Shells every single Mario Kart 8 race, the Internet Browser needs to stay far away from Switch.

"Hey guys we finally made it to the year 2017! We have announced that we will have an achievement system for Switch. Just download the Switch Achievement App on your smart device always have it turned on during gameplay to see notifications pop up your phone!"

achievement isnt the greatest but youll be stupid if you dont believe it doesnt encourage some to buy more games so they can level up their account.

Yeah, but why start from scratch on your new system when Sony has all your PS3 and beyond now?

but people had to do that when sony implemented the trophy system into the ps3 later on which was a after thought when they saw microsoft doing it.

Sun Sep 10 17 01:32am
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And people will still opt for the legacies they've already made. Basic progress behavior. It's why some of the more advanced MMOs out there have trouble toppling WoW. It's why MS still has such a steady fanbase.

I have a pretty high gamerscore on Xbox but I'll drop it like a hot rock on multiplats if they add achievements to Switch: why are you arguing so hard regarding this topic when you think achievements are dumb anyway: you clearly don't actually know first-hand what caring about them is like.

I do know what's it like, and I also overcame the false legitimacy of them as they exist in its current state. Too many gamers are entirely okay with earning... well, unusable features in most venues. They could tie art to it, they could tie avatars, they could add a system where these things serve like interactable pieces like Smash trophies (which oddly enough, aren't considered achievements) with a room you can display them in. But they don't, instead gamers have preferred to accept what was given to them and told to do sone rather redundant tasks that are often passed off as "extra challenges."

At least Steam had art cards. Now if they infused them into the achievements maybe the non-feature would have use. But currently they're a bigger mess than what's on the consoles.

Oh, now interest in this feature is a pathology you've "overcome" and you still don't think you're being judgmental?

Way to place words in my mouth, guy. We going to start declaring -isms against me because you're getting bitter someone is challenging a system that needs to desperately get improved?

The system is garbage in its current state, it's only function is basically tell you to do things in a game and pass off as challenge. Gamers eat it up, but hypocritically due to their own attesting against games working differently than the industry standard. If one is thumbing their nose and declaring it's fine the way it is says more about them then they are about the games.

The only word in quotes was one you literally said and you were clearly saying what I thought you were saying. Just. Stop. You're making this site a bummer. This is, like games, supposed to be a place for fun. People who enjoy games enjoy them. People who like achievements like them. End of story. No need for an argument. No need for superior posturing. No need to talk people out of it or "educating" them. Just. STOP.

Maybe you're reading more into this on an emotional level than I and portraying, cause there is a lot of buzzwords of superiority complex that seems to be emanating from you onto my posts. You've may have experience some toxic dudes on forums, but I dunno... You just give that vibe. However, read my stuff pretty monotonic, it's not meant to sound superior to you.

I have seen a LOT of toxic cultures come from achievements since they've been added. And they haven't changed, and they desperately need to. Arbitrary numbers in addition feels like more fuel for this toxicity, (and besides, why DO we need experience and GS scores along with the achievements if they're essentially serving the same purpose?). People claim to be better fans of games than others due to achievements, developers opting more for the "easy answer" to rewards, and more dangerous (those few who do this) when gamers buy excessively poor games for the sake of bloating those numbers. There's more, but the system as is supports several of these pockets of negativity.

Mind you, I am not opposed to the system in its entirety, but to accept it as-is goes against the encouragement that gamers should, and have, hold their developers to a higher standard. We moved and progressed in various genres and made new subgenres because of asking for better, that the current state needs more, and to say achievements systems added currently makes it hypocritical.

You're alright in my book, don't misconstrue what I am saying as counter-points as attacks on you.

Sorry if I'm getting worked up: I don't really go for trying to build up my gamerscore: I just think it's fun when an achievement unlocks, and I'd like it on the Switch, too. I get why some people say they feel it interrupts the flow: I guess I don't experience that much immersion in the first place. I'm too busy trying to remember which button does what. Plenty of people are insane and brag about their scores, but I use them, if anything, to keep track of my own progress in a game. Rocksmith on Xbox, for example: it's nice having it tell me I've mastered ten songs completely--I might have forgotten I did that many since I've been playing the game for years now.

Sun Sep 10 17 04:32pm
(Updated 1 time)

I honestly have no problem with people being pro-Achievements, I just feel that this system lacks of what makes games special.

For instance if Rocksmith had some art gallery that unlocks the albums (or singles) artwork, or promo posters for the player to look at and enjoy, that's a different story. Cause then you as a gamer can interact with that item, look at it and appreciate it. The current state of achievements don't really have anything but an icon and some arbitrary numbers. They need to be better, those who are against them would probably warm up to these ideas and those who loved them before would only get more elated.

Now here was something I read from another person on another Nintendo site about this and some odd rumors;

I remember early Wii U rumors that there was a thing called "Room for Mii" which was like a little app tied to your account. These accounts had whatever Nintendo was going to call their alleged system (thinking it was N-Badges, but that could be influenced from the CoH mention) built into it. Non-friends can see you achievements acquired, but not specific games where-as friends could see each one and the playtime of those games when they were unlocked. Similar to how the current Switch system works with the amount of playtime now.

This room app was instanced to a designable room, where you Mii had various decor to customize their rooms. But two things stood out, a trophy case and another achievement case. These cases allowed players to display their favorite moments they earned these things, but only so many. These displayed can be seen by everyone. Trophies, if I remember right, were the answer to the "platinum" trophy of Sony's fame. But there was something else to it, like a meta minded achievement from the developers. These things were apparently able to be picked up and viewed, displayed in a various ways (thinking like the diorama mode of Smash).

Now that is an impressive rumor, and I remember hearing rumors of the Wii U having a channel-based app on it, but nothing to this depth. Regardless, this would be something achievements can reach a new level of progress. You can literally display your favorite accomplishments, that's at least a little bit more interactive than what's currently out there. I will admit, it sounds sort of up Nintendo's alley with the "anonymous" achievement count deal with non-friends.

But that should be encouraged, the progress to make that system better. We've had achievements long before X-Box too, just in the state of more functional rewards such as Super Sonic ability, and "Very Hard" modes. X-Box just made them more universal, but in turn (though this is not entirely Achievement system faults) developers grew more encouraged for providing achievements as rewards and removing a good sum of what used to be there in favor of DLC packets and making THOSE more appealing (cause, obviously, better profit).

Sony has Home, and X-Box has those avatars, they're technically already halfway to making that type of system a reality.

I remember when my friend got an Xbox One and we started netflix (surprise surprise) and an achievement popped up for watching like an episode or two in a row or something. I couldn't roll my eyes harder.
They are just so annoying and trivial. I can't stand how that little ping just breaks the immersion and flow of the game. I got sucked into once and got plat for a game but then realized how valueless it was and how much time I wasted grinding for an achievement that I just deleted my data afterwards.

I think I got the message with Fairy Tale Fights on the PS3. My dog started choking on something so I immediately dropped the controller mid-game and took her to the vet. Several hours I come back, system turned off due to inactivity and all that jazz. Turned on the system and saw I earned something.... For staying idle in the hub world.

It definitely got me thinking and started digging to discover more and more of these "easy" but time-consuming achievements have been rapidly growing in popularity among games. That's not something I want out of games.

Sun Sep 10 17 12:48am
Rating: 3

It's going to be Missions. Like the ones they have for their smartphone games.

So, you'll get points for potential discounts.

Well, people complaining there is no achievement system with be replaced by people complaining there is an achievement system :D

I won't complain if it's actually function-able and intractable. Like how one can interact with trophies in SSB.

But apparently those don't officially count cause you cannot simply "show off" to strangers.

Hm. I may be the only one who read it this way, but it seems to me like it was just a confident guess. We'll see though. It'd be cool to have achievements for those who wanted them.

I was playing Sonic Mania and trying to do some of the stuff that you get achievements for in the other versions, even though you don't get anything for it on Switch. It'd be nice to have that actually do something.

As long as we can turn it off I don't care.

Okay fine. But when am I getting Youtube and Netflix on this thing? Where is the Virtual Console? I'm still using my Wii U more than my Switch because of these things.

I like trophies and achievements, didn't miss them on Nintendo-consoles though.

But I'm really interested in what the Nintendo-touch will add to such a system

Sun Sep 10 17 04:36am
Rating: 3

I couldn't care really one way or another. I guess they're neat, but they're not a huge deal to me.

More important things could be added to the Switch: Virtual Console, video services, Internet Browser, etc...

Nintendo slowly entering 2005, we are getting there.

Sun Sep 10 17 06:09am
Rating: 5

Achievements... what a waste of time. Literally one of the most useless things ever..

Video games themselves are technically "useless." Complaining about adding them in is as ridiculous as being mad a book has a table of contents.

Actually, video games can inject a reality into people's heads via executables.... All for entertainment. That can be pretty useful.
Achievements though? No... They aren't useful. They tend to be redundant, break flow and immersion, and can add unfun busywork for no reward other than a person's compulsion to 100%.
REAL achievements are already facilitated in games... Or should be, at least. Beat a level/boss, get an upgrade and advance. Hit a benchmark, get some exp or skill points. Beat a mode, unlock a goodie. Play for 20 hours, get Mewtwo.
There's a lot of ways to add achievements and trophies to games that are engaging and rewarding than a little ping on the corner of the screen.

And yeah, I get that it's enjoyed by some people... And I generally try to have a live and let live attitude... But I do not feel bad for asserting that achievements are a complete waste and demand something better be designed and implemented in a video game.

Oh boy... I don't mind disagreeing with your 'assertion' because 'People might like them, but they are a complete waste' is incredibly haughty.

I'm not going to deny that. It is a bit snobby but, I think it's worth it in this case. I really would like to see more engaging rewards systems in video games vs current achievements systems and me being... I guess vocally discontent is my challenge to developers to make something better.

That's at least a nice way of taking about it: and cooler bonuses are always welcome, of course. The reason I still love DKC 2 after all these years is how much the game rewarded you for finding all the secrets. Adding *at least* this much into the Switch of course doesn't preclude the chance to add the kind of rich rewards you're taking about. Sorry if I was worked up about this, but I just think having this feature would be nice.

Safer Sex also don't have a specific value, it's actually pretty useless because that feature was never meant for pleasure. See, another absurd reason like your argument. Achievements don't hurt a single Videogamer. There are enough people who likes it and it adds value to the games with less content. Deal with it.

Never cared about achievement systems, but I'm not against having it. They could be directing their time to making the virtual console work, though...

Sun Sep 10 17 11:55am
Rating: 1

As a bit of a completionist, I like the idea of achievements. If it brings some extra optional challenge to games and becomes a satisfying, uniform system for 100%-ing, then why not? And why shouldn't we be able to show off for mastering a game? :P

Sun Sep 10 17 12:16pm
Rating: 2

I don't understand why people are so vehemently opposed to something they don't even have to use. I think it will be a neat little addition. Trophies and the like can increase playtime

Because they love shoving down people's throats how much better their tastes supposedly are. Why they don't get how rude they are being is beyond me.

All of you that are pro achievements are one side of the ladder and all of us that oppose them are the other side. Point is-same ladder. You are just as guilty of what (rude) you claim of others if not even more guilty because you have revealed that you are incapable or have trouble with immersion, yet, you have no problem whatsoever over looking those of us who have repeatedly voiced our concerns about it interfering with ours.

Sometimes what the majority wants or what has become mainstream doesn't mean shit, especially when the societal sheep may be responsible for it to begin with. A lot of you also seem to forget this is a straight up Nintendo site but as of late we have definitely been infiltrated. lol

I suspect it's because the people upset have actually never focused on them on a non-ninty system before. (either because they don't own any or didn't pay attention to them if they do own it, which I confess to doing as well when I first got my PSTV as I only wanted to play PSOne games and they had nothing) While I'm all for playing games that never had achievements to begin with in any way, (like the VC titles and PSOne clasics) I can't be the only one who'll skip out on a version of a game if it lacks achievements on the Switch but has them on PS4 for the same price or less. That just feels like getting the lesser version of the game even though it's Nintendo's fault in those cases and not the devs.

Maybe because people, like me, have the funny feeling that Nintendo won't allow us to turn them off. Because Nintendo being Nintendo, they have a nack for forcing new gimmicks down people's throaths.

Is a little 2 second pop up allocated to a small corner really that big of a deal, especially considering how infrequent they are? I get more friend notifications and pop ups that I see Trophies ding on PSN. And you can disable Friend notifications on Switch, so it's likely that you would be able to disable these as well.

It honestly sounds like you are wanting to complain for the sake of complaining.

Mon Sep 11 17 05:09am
(Updated 1 time)

Please don't go that route. We're all entitled to our opinions, even ones you might have a hard time understanding. I'm sure you have lots of opinions that seem inconsequential or non-issues to me, but I recognize people care about different things. But yes, to me, that pop up is
in fact a big deal.

I really enjoy achievements... not as a "score" type thing, but because I like having extra challenges to complete. So bring 'em on!

This would be nice. I enjoy 100% completing Mario games and it could be cool to have something to show for it besides a sparkly save file that only I can ever see.
Around 2010 is when I stopped caring about achievements/trophies to the point where I'd play bad games just to get unlock them, but in genuine good games like Mario they'd be nice to have.

I hate being "that guy" but I'd prefer if they used those resources into being able to add people through username and voice chat being integrated into the system itself, over pop up notifications that ultimately do nothing and serve no purpose whatsoever.

Of all the online features Nintendo lacks people are cheering to get the most pointless one.

Wouldn't be surprised if this is the same mission system as on mobile. Would love that.


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