Pokemon Sun/Moon - CoroCoro reveals new Necrozma-fusion Pokemon

- forms shown on the boxes are fusions of Solgaleo/Lunala and Necrozma when Necrozma absorbs the other Pokémon
- Solgaleo style one is called "Necrozma Mane of Twilight"
- Lunala's is "Necrozma Wings of Dawn"
- they have the signature moves of Solagelo & Lunala: Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam

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Getting kind of concerned about this game now and what it's going to offer us. It's just under 2 months away and we still know basically nothing about it, and what we DO know is grossly underwhelming, imo anyway.
I'm not asking them to go nuts and spoil practically the entire game like they did with Sun and Moon, but at least...y'know...share something that's actually enticing and makes this look like it'd a worthwhile purchase, that'd be nice.

Will not be buying unless very starved for games this Winter. This just seems so underwhelming.

Pretty boring, and I still can't help but get Hikari Sentai Maskman vibes from those forms.

Lol "I know nothing about this Pokemon game but it sounds underwhelming so I won't buy it." Okay.

Have to concur with @LOTSO SHOES, they've shared literally non-news about this [after 3-4 months radio silence] - 2 new legendary forms and a [super big focus on] a new common pokemon form. Yay...?

Literally nothing about what gameplay improvements [and inevitable regressions] these games will have over Sun / Moon, nor anything of this 'alternate retelling' plot.

I mean, we all know they are, but even TPC is being completely obvious that these are stopgap games till Pokemon Switch / Gen VIII with how they've marketed them so far.

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