Suda51 on his relationship with Nintendo and what he thinks of Switch

A portion of a GamesBeat interview with Suda51...

GamesBeat: You’ve made many games for Nintendo systems. Why is your relationship with them so strong?

Suda51: I’ve been working with Nintendo since the first two No More Heroes games, and they have always offered an immense amount of support and have always been willing to allow me to try new things and make the games I want to make. Just as the Wii was revolutionary in its time, with its motion controls and the various features it had, the Switch is once again a revolutionary piece of hardware that made me think, “Yeah, this is the platform I want to bring Travis back to” the moment I first saw it.

On top of that, as always, Nintendo has been extremely supportive and helpful throughout development of Travis Strikes Again, and they gave me an amazing opportunity to announce the game at Nindies Night and have also shown unparalleled support and passion for the indie games community, which I really respect.

GamesBeat: What do you think of the Switch?

Suda51: The Switch is awesome. Again, it’s a revolutionary piece of hardware and I feel it is really going to show that Nintendo platforms and games are for everyone, not just kids and families. I’ve stated before that Nintendo really is the most “punk” publisher and hardware creator out there, and the Switch only reinforces that image for me. I really can’t wait to be able to have everyone play TSA on the Switch and see not only what the Switch can do for the game, but what it can do for gamers and games in general.

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red knight
Wed Sep 13 17 02:44pm
Rating: 2

Can't wait to see some gameplay. Loved the first two games.

this got me really hyped!! i can't wait to see this new game.


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