Japan - Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud coming to Switch

Japan had a number of announcements in their Nintendo Direct that we didn't, including Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud for Switch. No word on localization at this time.

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I want it in the US Sooooo bad

the system is region free. learn Japanese

Wed Sep 13 17 07:43pm
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You make it sound like learning Japanese (out of all the languages) is easy....

if you want it bad enough.....

the system is region free.

Not in this case. Sega Geo-locked this game, so players from other countries can't play it. The only way to do so is to get a VPN and play it on PC (unless there's something I don't know.)

The PC version hasn't been Geolocked for 2 years. Where was it said that the Switch version was?

Wed Sep 13 17 09:28pm
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False assumption on the PS4 version. I thought that was geo-locked and the Switch version would follow. But apparently, getting it on the PlayStation does not block you (I might have also mixed this up with Dragon Quest X, which MAY block you, but I can barely follow these anymore.)

It's still going to be tricky to pull off. This game can only be streamed and from a server in another country, which means even with fiber, trying to play this will be a pain.

I'd love to. But this game is entirely localized to English already, they released in in some parts of China, but refuse to release the English version outside of that region. Really, it would be pretty simple for them to make it available, they just haven't.

oh cloud because no download and play on the cloud . man I want that so badly please pretty please . On the one hand, switch eshop jpn on the other hand, that cloud.

We're so never getting this in North America. It's crazy to me that I played it at PAX the year the Wii U was announced and we still don't have it...

Anyone who FoNewmy in eighth grade knows I need this game here now.

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