Japan - New Dillon's Rolling Western title revealed for 3DS

Yet another new title announced for Japan, but not in any other Direct. Dillon is coming back with a new adventure on 3DS. No details at this time outside of what you see in the trailer, but we'll try to bring specifics to you soon.

UPDATE - We have a few more details on this game now.

- The title is The Dead Heat Breakers
- action tower defense game
- play as Dillon from Dillon’s Rolling Western and fight against alien rock invaders
- features third-person action parts and rear-view racing parts
- a "You" character based on your Mii that will also help Dillon

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Oh hey, it's Mad Max: Furry Road

Man I hope they release this here, the first two games were flawed but very fun. I also like the slightly new art direction (post-apocalyptic or something?). And lol at the furry Miis.

I approve of everything this means for the series.

Wouldn't it be great if we could get this and the previous two games in a physical trilogy pack?

This and PSO2 better get localized. >:-(

Dang, this would have been better on switch. First game had really long levels and the game didn't feel like it fit a portable system at all, and I heard the second game had similar issues

To be fair, the Rolling Western games aren't the kind of games you can keep playing for hours without getting tired of playing... you're much better off playing one or two levels, and then taking a break...

I kinda forgot about this franchise to be honest. From the reception point of view, its kinda lukewarm. Were the sale figures revealed for the first two games?

I honestly wouldn't know... but this is the third entry in the franchise, so the series must be doing well enough to justify its continuation after a four-ish year hiatus (so many franchises wish they could go such short time-spans between entries).

Oh hey, it's Mad Max: Furry Road

Wed Sep 13 17 10:45pm
Rating: 1

YESSSSSS! I loved the Dillon games! A third one is a wonderful thing!

One of my favorite franchises of all time!!!

Glad to see this IP is still alive.

Man i just love the Dillon rolling western series its awesome but maaan i just wise this was on the direct still i'll wait when this game gets localized plus all most for got the Mii's become animal that's cool.

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