Japan - Style Savvy 4 announced for 3DS

The Japan-only reveals keep coming with Style Savvy 4. No word on North American release at this time.

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Wed Sep 13 17 07:42pm
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I know that NA will get it but not until next year.

Wed Sep 13 17 07:51pm
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think these are the same game. I think there's some confusion over the naming scheme.

In Japan, the series was always called Girls Mode.
In Europe, the first game was called Style Boutique, and then the second entry was called New Style Boutique (I guess to liken it to New SMB? I dunno).

So, rather than calling it Style Boutique 2, we now have this numbering offset where the last game (Style Savvy: Fashion Forward in the US) became new Style Boutique 2 in EU, but was Girls Mode 3 in Japan.


Oooh! I want that! ... (sad it's not for switch)... But holy guacamoly! 3DS is getting so many games still! And people thought support would die... it'll be the new PS2 in term of continued support (or PS3 if you only look at Japan)

Can't wait for Style Savvy Switch! It HAS to happen sometime, right??

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