Super Mario Odyssey - Mario can jump through paintings


A quick snippet from today's Direct that brings back some Mario nostalgia. No word if these paintings are going to be all over, or if they are special locations. Looks like this one takes you to New Donk City. It might be a way to teleport to other kingdoms, or portions of those kingdoms you can't otherwise access.

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Classic!!! Brings back old memories since N64!

This game is a pure celebration. Everything from the costumes to these little easter eggs. Feels really special.

Calling it right now. This game will beat out BOTW for GOTY by most gaming outlets. Haven't been this hyped for a Mario game since Super Mario Galaxy.

Agree 100%----------

Thu Sep 14 17 01:00pm
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Oh man, and BOTW was a masterfully made game. What a year to be a Nintendo fan.

Nintendo wasn't shitting us when they said they were going to hit the ground running with Switch and not let up.


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