Super Mario Odyssey gets a visual boost since last we saw it

As you can see by the visual comparison here, it's clear Nintendo has been tweaking the graphics in Super Mario Odyssey. Nintendo tends to do this late in the game with their releases. We notice visual upgrades soon before a game launches, and Odyssey is no different.

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I approach my Batman movies the same way.

As long as Mario has nipples, I'm satisfied

I approach my Batman movies the same way.

Nipples are finally canon.

Considering that this game was announced several months ago, its not surprising.

Heck, I can barely notice the slight differences. But really though, I want this game and I can't wait to get it!

Usually I'm with you on the "barely noticing" the changes late in game development cycles, but these are actually pretty eye-popping to me.

The textures are better (the carpet looks more carpet-y, the wood beam was changed,) Peach's model looks upgraded, and the lighting is better.

Wow, small but major.

They do have to outdo Mario+Rabbids. Screenshots from that game look amazing.

Shame there's no audio upgrade. It's the same "Mariooooo!!!" peach clip we've had for over 5 years.

Gem on her dress looks a little better in the original,but definitely dig the enhancements

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