Grown Up Gaming - A GoNintendo Podcast Short Documentary

Remember awhile back when someone was appearing at the GoNintendo Podcast recording sessions with a camera, and they were sneaking around in the background? Now you finally know why! It was all part of a student film by Bryant Magdael. As part of a college project, he decided to tackle a mini-documentary about the GoNintendo Pocast crew, and now we have the final result!

It was an absolute honor to have Bryant work on this project. It's still one of the most humbling things I've been involved with to this day. I'll forever be grateful for all the work Bryant put in, and equally thankful to every single GN Podcast listener. It's been amazing doing the show all these years, and your kind words/support push me to continue every single week. Thank you so very, very much.

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And I who used you podcast as a exemple of a podcast in a school task.
You podcast is SO GOOD

Can't wait to watch this when I have time

That was a great video. Really show the good things in your podcast.

Sun Sep 17 17 08:55pm
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It was a nice little podumentary.

This was nice! Even worth the wait

Yeah, sorry about the long wait... It was on-and-off editing over the past two years due to other projects. But thank you for your patience! Smile

Of course! It was executed very well and deserves the praise it is getting

This was great!

Sun Sep 17 17 11:39pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

I really enjoyed this Smile It was really cool to see some old pictures too from way back Smile I am glad to have been with gonintendo for I don't know how many years, at least 6 I think :P Here is to many more years, and I'll always be at the podcast in spirit if I am not in chat at the time, as I always make sure to listen to it afterwards if I do miss it Smile You are all almost like my little internet family XD Honestly you are all right up my alley personality wise and I wish I could meet you all someday :P

Hello all! This is Bryant Magdael, the creator of the documentary. Thank you all for the kind words about the film. I am overwhelmed by the wave of positive responses Smile

My main goal was to give our beloved podcast its proper celebration after impacting so many people around the world in more than a decade's time. I have been a site visitor and podcast listener since the double digit webisode days (starting in the early 70s when I was a wee boy in 8th grade) and have listened to every webisode in existence (and it wasn't because of this project!). This is kinda like a dream come true for me!

And RMC, thanks for the flattering words! You, the podcast crew, and the site deserve all the love and support for all the dedication and commitment to sift through the interwebs and bring all of us the news of Nintendo even at the most ungodly hours.

Mon Sep 18 17 01:26am
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I've been following GoNintendo for quite some time, but rarely do I participate in the commentary or podcast. This video is great and I would love to see it turned into a "real" theatrical documentary. The stigma of video games for adults is fascinating and I love some of the quotes you presented and the setup and direction of this series. I look forward to seeing moreā€¦

Thank you very much! I had a couple stories both podcast crew-related, stigma-related, and site-related that I had to cut for time's sake that I would like to explore in a feature-length documentary. Maybe someday...

Mon Sep 18 17 11:35am
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This was amazing. And actually choked me up multiple times.

I've been on this ride since essentially the beginning. To realize how much my life has changed alongside the crew's had a lot of impact. Seeing pics and clips of everyone from 10+ years ago and reminiscing about when I saw some of those for the first time back in the day brought a pretty unexpected wave of emotions.

Great job on the video Bryant!

Yay! Emotions! Thanks DDARK!

Had to do a lot of internet digging to get some of these visuals and I'm glad that they are bringing most people on a nostalgia trip. I wanted to include stories that welcomed new viewers/listeners as well as having morsels of past references for the long-time fans. Glad you enjoyed the ride!

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