WWE Superstar Randy Orton shows some love to the Switch, Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Man, WWE Superstars are all over the Switch! No, it's not an advertising deal. It just seems like the system makes a ton of sense for the Superstars, as they're always on the road traveling. Pretty cool to know there's so many Nintendo fans in the WWE right now.


That's awesome, hope he is having fun playing BotW. It does make a lot of sense that wrestlers would love the Switch. I wonder what other wrestlers besides him and AJ Styles have a Switch and play it a lot?

That's pretty cool. I bet as soon as the sports games come out that's what most of them will play.

Thu Sep 21 17 07:38am
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Did you see the tweet he shared bragging that he beat AJ Styles in Mario Kart? It was adorable.Definitely doesnt seem like an ad

Glad to see so much Ninty love around

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