Random Time! - GBA SP screen found hiding inside electrocardiogram machine

This is something else, man. It's not just the screen element of the GBA SP. It's literally the whole top half of a GBA SP. Is this how all these units were manufactured?!

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Thu Sep 21 17 08:06pm
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The screen component doesn't matter, everyone knows the electric part is the beeps (and that they remain beeps, and not one long beeeeeee).

Fri Sep 22 17 01:58am
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A medical component is removably connected to the platform, and has specialized circuitry specific to a predetermined diagnostic medical function. In a preferred embodiment, the platform is a Nintendo Gameboy video game device, and the medical component is a cartridge that plugs into the Gameboy device.

Well, that answers that!

It's not just the screen,
another screen shot shows the bottom 1/2 of the unit with the AGB CPU and you can see the cartridge port and other connection slots.

Fri Sep 22 17 12:19am
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Finally a Quality of Life project surfaces

Haha! That's hilarious: I'm lucky I wasn't taking a sip or I'd have got water up my nose.

lol That's what I was thinking of.

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