RUMOR - Evidence of Pokemon Crystal 3DS VC release surfaces

While not an official confirmation, some 3DS eShop behind-the-scenes snooping has lead to speculation that Pokemon Crystal might be added to the 3DS VC at some point. With Gold/Silver hitting the service, it wouldn't be too surprising to see Crystal follow sometime after. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!


I never played Crystal. How different is it from the other two?

Thu Sep 21 17 09:51pm
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There was mostly aesthetic changes, more grass here, trainer position there. Suicune was a prominent figure within Crystal, there was Buena's Password added to the PokeGear (one of my favorite additions), you can choose your gender for the first time, added subplots...etc. I would recommend Crystal out of the three.

On that note, I will probably cry if they actually release this. Crystal is my favorite Pokemon game, lots of fond memories...

On the top of my head, here are some of the more noteworthy differences:

- Playable female character
- The box legend (Suicune) gets some role in the story unlike Lugia and Ho-oh
- Pokemon have a short animation when encountered.
- The introduction of the Battle Tower
- New puzzles and rewards at the Ruins of Alph

So yeah its the definitive version, but you aren't missing that much.... Its the only third version I never played. The other third versions after this one add more things than this game.

Thu Sep 21 17 10:03pm
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This was a Gameboy Color Exclusive title, so they did more things with color, had animated Pokemon for the first time, and had a female PC for the first time.

I'd say the original Japanese Crystal version is the definitive version, as the localized international versions had several features gutted. The original Japanese version had network trading capabilities using a cell phone, which was a huge technical gimmick and I'm not sure how it was received. The Goldenrod City Pokemon Center was about twice the size to accommodate the cell phone trading area, but it was gutted and replaced with a regular Pokemon Center in the International version.

There was also a GS ball questline in Crystal that culminated in being able to catch Celebi. However, obtaining the GS ball involved using the Cell Phone mobile adapter, so this quest was also removed in the International version.

- Can play a girl
- Ice Path redesigned with new puzzles
- Animated sprites for the first time
- tons of aesthetic updates
- Whole new Unown subplot
- Whole new subplot on Suicune (with Eusine) and a bigger focus on the 3 legendary beasts
- Phone calls were changed to be less repetitive and give more personality
- Kurt can make more pokeballs at once

Most of these changes were merged into HeartGold & SoulSilver, but Crystal actually had Suicune as the main focus of the game besides Team Rocket, setting the standard for how box legendaries are implemented as the main story elements in the series.

I'm honestly rather nervous that this is a sign of A crystal VC release getting canned more than anything else, but I'll be happy if this leads to something. Thought it would be impossible due to the JPN cellphone place

If all these people are right and Crystal is the definitive version of the 3 titles... They may want to move gold and silver copies before even announcing crystal.

That might be it. They released RGBY all at once and Yellow sold tons better than the others.

I'll pass on Gold/Silver and wait until they release Crystal as it's the definitive version (and I'm in no hurry to play it anyway).

Gen II is the only one I never played (not counting the beginning on emulator but my PC couldn't run it well back then, lol). I played the remakes, of course, but I'm always been curious about the originals.

Fri Sep 22 17 06:07am
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In the tweets before this one, it was mentioned that they left a GBA bios file in the VC package.

It would be awesome if Crystal came out, that was the 2nd gen game that I played.

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