VOEZ hits 40k downloads worldwide, getting retail release in Japan with button controls/TV play

The following information comes from VOEZ publisher, Flyhigh Works...

- VOEZ has been downloaded over 40,000 times worldwide
- VOEZ is getting a physical release in Japan in early 2018
- this version will get button controls, which will in turn let you play on TV
- other content was hinted at, but not specifically revealed

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Fri Sep 22 17 05:30am
Rating: 1

It is a success? 40,000 seems not very high.

Fri Sep 22 17 07:04am
Rating: 1

I'd say it's alright on sales. It's pretty good for 40k people to buy this on Switch when they also had the option to play it free on Smartphones (with mico-transactions of course). I bought it on Switch and I'm really enjoying it so far.

Button controls would be interesting to see...

Curious to see how they implement button controls. All I can come up with is some kind of easy mode where you just time a button press without any special regard for which track the notes fall from.

I haven't played VOEZ yet, so I'm not too familiar with it, but it sure reminds me of DJ Max, which I played on PSP. Each track corresponded to a specific button.

Thing with VOEZ is, the tracks are constantly moving, multiplying, dividing, and basically all over the place, never static in number or location. The motion of the tracks is what VOEZ is all about really.

Aha, I see. I've been meaning to buy it eventually. Thanks!

You can check out the demo.

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