Doom - 30fps confirmed, multiplayer download is 9GB

Coming from a Bethesda rep...

"The game and rendering technology underlying Doom is extremely scalable. In bringing Doom to Switch, we targeted outstanding visuals at a solid 30 fps and by maintaining a consistent 30 fps, the experience remains consistently fluid and smooth. We’ve been thrilled with the feedback that Doom is among the very best looking and performing games on Switch."

Also worth pointing out, the multiplayer content for Doom is going to require 9 GB of space on Switch.

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Fri Sep 22 17 04:48pm
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People are complaining about the framerate on the Switch. I'd like to see a comparison between PS4 and Switch framerates on a plane

Unfortunate, but the graphics look mostly untouched and it's portable! So I'm cool with it. I do wonder what resolution it runs at docked and undocked. I've heard 540p undocked, but apparently that was just from someone eyeballing it, so it doesn't really mean anything.

I suspect that the base resolution for portable is 720p but it might dip below that for parts of the screen dynamically. Doom uses dynamic resolution scaling on PS4 and XBO too!

Fri Sep 22 17 05:45pm
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Digital Foundry was suggesting as low as 540p undocked with TSAA doing a ton of work to smooth out the image based on their impressions.

Assuming it doesn't end up looking like a blurry mess, which nobody mentioned in the preview , and we get a near locked 30fps in the final code, I'm definitely in. I've been watching footage of the arcade mode and it looks like the perfect mode for a bus ride. It's making me want to buy digital, but my wallet is begging me to buy physical.

That video was based on him clocking down a pc to simulate a switch. If you watch gamexplain’s undocked video and the digital foundry video, the pc stutters and drops frames horribly whereas the switch seems to handle them pretty well.

9GB ain't bad at all.

Dang, can't get it to run at 60 FPS? Sadly, the Switch can't handle all of that pretty gore.

Oh well. 30fps is not bad considering it has all the assets and lots of textures and lighnting.

If is consistent 30 fps, that should not be a problem.

And 9 GB is less than two NBA 2K18 saves.

Had already braced myself for that news. It is a bummer for a fast paced game like this, but the footage does look really good still. A solid 30fps should do the job.

Now I only hope they hear our cries for gyro based aiming assist.

I need to know how much the full game download is since I'm a digital only consumer. I'm happy sandisk has released the 400gb micro sd card. It's $250 so it ain't cheap but I will probably upgrade from my 200gb card next year. I'm sure I'll have just enough space to what's coming out this holiday (with what I already own of course).

Fri Sep 22 17 04:48pm
Rating: 12

People are complaining about the framerate on the Switch. I'd like to see a comparison between PS4 and Switch framerates on a plane

Haha! *ZING!* That's a great line.

Did you come up with this yourself, because I love it!

That is an irrelevant comparison for many people.

Sat Sep 23 17 06:49am
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Digital foundry probably has you covered when they get their hands on the game..

*Edit* Lol, missed the plane part xD

This is an interesting debate.

There are the purist that can only play the game on best resolution and 60 fps and they have their motives (after all this game was designed to be like that). And then there are the gamers like us that, when portability comes into the equation, are OK with it as long as the experience, the feel of Doom is there.

Unfortunately that's a deal breaker for me. I already own the PS4 version, so it's not a big deal, but portable Doom would have been nice.

If you have to have portability or if you only have a Switch then, there ya go, I'm sure it's perfectly playable. But for everyone else I don't think there is going to be anything to get excited about for any third party games on Switch unless it is an exclusive.

Portability is a huge deal nowadays though..

Is it? I wouldn't know. I'm not such an avid gamer that I have to be able to game wherever I am. And actually I prefer not to game when I am out. I have heard of people gaming on subway commutes to work, which makes sense to me, but generally I have a hard time thinking of many situations when I would start up a gaming session outside the house.

Sun Sep 24 17 09:51am
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It's not really about needing to game wherever, it's about having limited time and the option to be more flexible where you play your games. Commute is a big one (and very significant), but other trips, moments where you have to stay and wait somewhere on something or someone, taking it to friends to play together (regardless if there's a TV available), and even around the house when you're at home are all good examples.

Basically, many people have to even manage their time at home and the flexibility the Switch offers is great to have when you have a busy life.

You just have to look at how popular portable gaming is to see that there's a big market. (And a market which for Nintendo has always been the most successful gaming market despite their successes in the console market.)

So, it's all about adding the convenience and flexibility of portable gaming to a system with all the aspects of a home console.

This is awesome anyway way you slice it. Thank you Bethesda thank you those who outsourced to do the port.
More of this. More.
Exactly what we need on the SWITCH.


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