RUMOR - Target locations to receive a minimum of 20 SNES Classic Edition units per store

Well 20 units per store is certainly makes for a nice chance of actually getting a unit. Let's hope there's not too much trouble finding one at launch, and people don't feel the need to turn to resellers to grab one.

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Sat Sep 23 17 11:27pm
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Dang. Dare I skip a class for this...?

Depends on which class, how well you're fairing on the subject, and how strict your school's policy is on attendance. (I'd say do it!)

Watch it be exactly 20 per store.

Anything less than 50 per store is absurd after what happened with the NESclassic.

There will be restocks. 20 per store is a great launch amount. 50 per store would be excessive since some areas won't have as much local interest as others.
It's not just about numbers.

Sun Sep 24 17 04:19am
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Target currently has 1,816 stores in the US. Which would mean that, nationwide, Target's launch stock of the SNES Mini is, at minimum, 36,320 consoles. Granted, they're not the only ones selling it. Best Buy, GameStop, Toys R Us (who is currently undergoing chapter 11 bankruptcy), and Walmart will all have it, too. That's excluding online sales, too (i.e. Amazon and the other retailers' online stock).

I wonder what the stock is like at other stores...

Remember: this is at launch. Unlike the NES Mini this will get restocked several times.
Also, minimum of 20 per store means 20 for the smaller stores and likely a few more for the bigger stores.

This sure beats the 4 my target had for the NES launch. I was lucky enough to be fourth in line.

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