Sucker Punch says their Infamous franchise started out as a "superhero Animal Crossing"

Coming from Sucker Punch co-founder, Chris Zimmerman...

"At first, we were building a superhero version of Animal Crossing. You roamed your city, tracked down criminals, helped out the citizens, and did some light zoning work along the way. The best superheroes have alter egos, right? So your alter ego was a property developer, deciding where to put the pet shops and tiki bars the citizens were demanding. Sounds awesome, right? Well, it wasn’t. After six months of experimentation we gave up on property development and focused on superhero action."

Well wouldn't that be an interesting take on the Animal Crossing franchise! Certainly something to consider for the future, Nintendo!


i just need rocket HD. Does ubisoft have the rights?

the infamous games (2 plats on the ps3) were good enough with a nice plot...terrible characters though.

Second Son was a much better game compared to the first 2

much better...not sure really, played about 1H on a friend...and beyond the admittedly amazing visuals, it just gave me the impression I have done all that before and this is the difference of a system seller and a game you must own once you buy the console. This is clearly the latter.

also no PS4 and One yet. Waiting for the SS versions.

I felt the characters in Second Son were much better than what was seen in the first 2 games. The abilities also came together in a better way. Not saying it's a system seller, didn't think the first 2 infamous games were either.

Superhero Animal Crossing sounds like an awesome game!

I always liked the pitch of a game that is Animal Crossing meets Shadow of the Colossus

Or in layman's terms: another example of Sony copying Nintendo yet again :^)

Sucker punch is a great movie and this game looks like .... Nothing near as cool... Change the name lamedev

sucker punch is an abstract "edgy" movie that falls flat on its face when dealing with all the logic behind it. This is just a poor way to get scantly clad girls do all sorts of crap. The studio has made excellent games ranging from rocket to the sly trilogy and the quite good but not perfect infamous series, far better offerings than many "quality studios"

ignorance is not bliss.

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