Nintendo Creators Program updates terms, no longer allows live-streaming on YouTube

First up, let's break down with the Nintendo Creators Program is...

The Nintendo Creators Program is a service through which Nintendo gives you part of the advertising proceeds it receives from YouTube for your Nintendo-related YouTube videos. In the past, advertising proceeds that could be received for videos that included Nintendo-copyrighted content (such as gameplay videos) went to Nintendo, according to YouTube rules. Now, through this service, Nintendo will send you a share of these advertising proceeds for any YouTube videos or channels containing Nintendo-copyrighted content that you register.

Okay, now with that out of the way, let's take a look at Nintendo's updated terms of service following YouTube's overhaul of the Partner Program.

"Live streaming on YouTube falls outside the scope of the Nintendo Creators Program. You cannot broadcast content on YouTube Live from the account you have registered to the Nintendo Creators Program. If you plan to broadcast content on YouTube Live, you have a couple of options. First, you can broadcast content on YouTube Live from a channel that is not registered to the Nintendo Creators Program. Or, you can cancel your channel's registration to the Nintendo Creators Program and instead, register your videos containing Nintendo’s IP to the program separately. Videos which had previously been registered through your channel would need to be re-registered individually."

Long story short, live-streaming isn't allowed for YouTube accounts that are tied to the Nintendo Creators Program. It looks like it applies to people who have their entire channel under the Creators program. Obviously something that's not going to impact a ton of people, but those who are in this situation are sure to be quite angry. Thanks to Neomew for the heads up!

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Dumb move by Nintendo. Really, there's not much more to say other than that.

Fri Sep 29 17 01:29am
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So you can't live stream at ALL if you're part of the program? Yeesh I didn't think this whole mess could get any worse.

No, only if you're silly enough to give them your full channel. If you register individual videos or don't deal with them at all, nothing changes except games like the mario ones and modern titles will prevent you from making ad revenue (As if you could do that with non-copyrighted stuff well to begin with knowing youtube)

Fri Sep 29 17 10:04am
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It got worse. YouTube has opened their own Creator's Program 2.0 that Nintendo has to fall in line with:

We're moving into an era where those fleeing the TV market are coming to find the internet video market turning into TV market 2.0.

Pretty soon you won't be able to post any videos on the internet that would be banned on network TV via the FTC. =/

EDIT - Ninja'd.

So if you're not part of the program you can STREAM... but not have the video public after that... right?

Fri Sep 29 17 01:45am
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I do wonder if this is related with a certain live stream controversy that happened a few days ago. It can be easy for people slipping a word they shouldn't say.

Still the approaches Nintendo takes are kind of bold, on everything or nothing.

I don't keep up with Streamers too often, but I'm going to assume you mean when Pewdiepie used the N-word right?

I don't know anything about a few days ago but if you're talking about Pewds, I don't see how that would effect this.

Nintendo would likely rather avoid the risks of their games being associated with someone who would spout offensive language. If children decide to watch a Stream for the upcoming Mario Odyssey and the streamer shouts something they really shouldn't be hearing, it unfortunately wouldn't bode too well.

Not saying this really justifies their actions, but it's most likely the reason considering how paranoid Nintendo are when it comes to their products. In general, Nintendo have always been out of touch when it comes to subjects like this.

How? I really don't understand. Let's say someone says something racist or sexist and they're playing a Nintendo game. No one assumes...well Nintendo is racist or sexist. Who the heck associates the YouTuber with the game they're playing or the company as a whole? They're separate things unless Nintendo has some rules against you saying whatever you want.

Who cares about the kids? They're probably the main ones typing horrible things in the comments. I just think Nintendo is being dumb. This program won't last long. People will either stop making Nintendo videos or find a way around Nintendo policing them. If people feel like creators are influencing children, maybe they should watch kids more and Nintendo should mind their own business.

Maybe yes, maybe not. Either way, it does sound Nintendo doesn't want people to slip, either by accident or coming out as intentionally mean or disrespectful.

Could also be something as silly as not wanting their games spoiled or the like.

No offense but that doesn't make any sense. I doubt anyone would be like "Well this channel is under Nintendo's program and they used the N word so Nintendo is racist." That's the only weird conclusion that could be made. I don't associate people that make Nintendo videos with Nintendo. They're literally just reviewers of content.

Nintendo needs to stop treating people like babies.

Fri Sep 29 17 01:45am
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and more and more people will not bother with nintendo games on their channels, job well done nintendo.

if you still think traditional marketing still applies for games in 2017 you are SO not in touch with the market...

I disagree. They seem to be selling just fine without letting people stream their stuff. Sure, youtubers will still whine and complain that Nintendo isn't kissing their butts... But they (and everyone else) is still buying the games.

Fri Sep 29 17 02:32am
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Last I checked, Switch sold huge without a single youtube video. Infact, the switch videos is give more fame to new youtubers than actually helping Nintendo much.

the switch sells because of the scarcity hype. Give it a year and we can talk then.

also this i not the 90ties and even if I don't watch many youtubers because they are not for me, NO ONE can undermine their advertising appeal. Anachronism can become a big problem (in contrast to nintendo going mobile for instance, investors do not get youtube...YET)

Whatever the case, your more on the youtube side and not understanding the side from Nintendo. And also, companies like Atlus/SEGA are also on the fence side with youtubers. Until all companies can get the idea of youtube, its not fair to extremely bash at Nintendo by large margins or curse them even.

Fri Sep 29 17 12:29pm
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oh I do understand where Nintendo are coming from. I just do not agree. When you have bred a generation of youtubers who do not care about your content, being watched by many people of YOUR target audience (and who no longer shop in toys r us like they used to 20 years ago) then being late to the party (assuming a future relaxation of their "guidelines") may be too late.

Dumb move by Nintendo. Really, there's not much more to say other than that.

Fri Sep 29 17 04:52am
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I have something more to say on the subject: F#%k you Pewdiepie!

Wait...if you can stream content without their program, then does that mean that youtubers will get revenue out of that without having the takedown from Nintendo?

I mean if they themselves don't want you to upload live content from their program, then they obviously want to give freedom to those youtubers to record live content without their involvement...so then youtubers can get revenue right?

Also, who the hell besides Jirad registers the program anyways?

Those not affiliated with the program are 95% more likely to have copyright strikes or de-monisation (I have no clue how to spell this) claims applied to their content.
So essentially, your three choices are:

1 - Apply for the program, and only have content Nintendo approves of on your channel, so Nintendo only products, also you now cannot live-stream ANY content, and Nintendo takes a 60% share of any revenue made.

2 - Don't apply and have most of your content that is Nintendo related striked so you can't earn any revenue from it.

3 - Move to Twitch.

Most people seem to just use 3 anyway. It's how Angry Joe and Boogie2988 get around their issues with how Nintendo handles YouTube (in their opinion "we love Nintendo's games and feel that as a game maker they're pretty unmatched in quite a few ways, but their corporate side over in Japan is pretty damn old fashioned when it comes to embracing certain new forms of media" [Joe's contacted NoA for help but the people he's spoken to have told him the issue is more with the Japan corporate side of things and they can't override what the head office tells them to do]).

People confuse copyright strikes and Content IDs even though they're completely different and I can tell you from my experience that Nintendo has almost never copyright striked a video unless it did the following:

1: Leaked something/broke embargo (SSB Ryu leaks for instance)

2: Was something related to roms/TASes they didn't like (utterly dumb of them as NCL was only picky of specific videos/creators which made no consistent sense and came off as them being grumpy old Japanese men... Which I think they are honestly)

I've been watching Nintendo vids on YT for years and have uploaded tons of gameplay videos on my own account for years. Most of the time, nintendo just content IDS, which doesn't impact the video at all unless you're trying to make money off it, even though you're honestly better off going the patreon route these days when it comes to youtube. In fact, even if you are part of their program like me and do it on a per video basis, (since you should NOT by any situation ever sign your whole channel up because god knows when NCL will only approve of you playing their Yakuman/Go Five games and only those games at this rate) they can still autoclaim your vid revenue. You only get a cut of it if you do decide to submit the video to their program (and even then, not all games on their list will get you auto claimed. Sin and Punishment was one and I had to manually submit that before they could claim it to split the two cents of revenue my video on it made)

A lot of misconceptions surround the program, which is frustrating considering how there's really nothing stopping you from continuing as planned unless you're money hungry, overly paranoid, or simply want to have ZERO ads on your videos period. The only thing people need to know is that it's barely required to do anything and it doesn't help much, and giving your channel to the program is a horrible idea.

You can't make money posting Nintendo's content without being in the program.

Every video I do with Nintendo gameplay gets a copyright strike. I don't even want to try in videos like that. Sure, people can hear my opinion but if I'm not gaining anything from it, why should I try?

Stuff like this is just going to make people go to Twitch.

oh...so more Nintendo trolls then...

Anyways, live-streaming content is more suited on Twitch than it is on Youtube so you may as well post content from Twitch if live is your thing.

I don't know what you mean by trolls but those people are everywhere. Who cares? Lol, if someone gets upset over trolls, they shouldn't be a social media star.

I have a Twitch but I'm not into the whole live streaming thing. Maybe if YouTube crashes and burns, I'll jump on that. I don't make much Nintendo content anyone since they make money from any Nintendo video I upload and I'm not cool with that at all.

This is stupid. There's always crap going on with YouTube or Nintendo.

Nintendo should just let people play their games for money just like other companies. People shouldn't have to sign up for their little programs. Gamexplain is done with live streams then. I know they're part of a network but I'm guessing that's different? They're able to upload all their content because of their network.

Networks on Youtube are scams. I've been part of some of them... They do nothing. GameXplain is fine because they are a big channel and Nintendo supports them. I mean, Nintendo sends them all their games, amiibos, consoles, controllers, limited editions, etc. When the Switch came out they got everything.

If you have around 50k, Nintendo will get in touch with you and give you free stuff all day and let you do whatever you want. If you are small channel, however, you are f****.

Just when you think they can't alienate their fanbase anymore than they already are. Good move Nintendo I'm sure Sony and Microsoft will love the added boost of free advertisement for their products while YouTubers continue to bad mouth your name.

Between this and the "ad-pocalypse", I'm really not sure how anyone is supposed to make money off of YouTube anymore. Then again, maybe that's the point, as YouTube has never been profitable...

Patreon's been the way to go for creators for years now. YT is just not reliable anymore, even moreso if you're a newer content creator like myself due to how slow income/views are and the fact that YT doesn't even bother to support you if you have under 1,000 views on a video unless you have an insane amount of subs.

Yeah, uh... About that...


Youtube is crap, but that article is pretty irrelevant. In order to post links you need at least 10k views in total.

But, c'mon, someone with less than 10k views wouldn't be able to sell anything let alone get 1 dollar from Patreon.

Alternatively, you can stream them on Twitch, set your Twitch account to send a video notification to your Youtube subscribers, and once your stream is over, export it to Youtube as a video for future viewing, a video that will in and of itself fall under the terms of the program.

I love Nintendo but this is so stupid.

It's VERY impressive how they make something that was 100% shit even worse.


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