Ubisoft Milan says Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle's success has created a "bright future" for the studio

Coming from a GamesIndustry interview with Ubisoft Milan general manager Dario Migliavacca and Davide Soliani...

"We really feel that, in this moment, all the stars are well aligned. I just met yesterday my boss, the managing director of all the studios, and we really feel the trust: the head office, our editorial team, Nintendo, other studios, the players, the community. It's a great joy. We are now reaching eight to ten times more applications than in the past. This is really, really promising. We have a growth plan in our minds... I see a really brilliant future in front of us. We showed how strong we are in creativity, in conception, in game design, in all the artistic parts. For sure we cannot compete with the huge [Ubisoft] studios now, but we have really strong skills that can give us an advantage." - DM

"I will say that this game for sure is opening up a lot of possibilities. Also, having the players' support is changing a lot of things.
When Dario called me back [to work at Ubisoft Milan], it was our intention to make this office grow. That's why we took all of the opportunities and all of the games to prove to everyone that, okay, we are reliable." - DS


Hopefully those plans will include a sequel with deeper gameplay and maybe even a better story...?

and vs play. oh and online multiplayer as well.

I'm in a 3 way conundrum. I want to buy a game and it's down to 3 games. This, Dragonball Xenoverse 2 and Metroid Samus Returns. I will, of course, eventually get all 3 but which one to go for first?

Metroid is a fantastic game. So is mario/rabbids. But, I'd put my money tiowards metroid. I've been playing that game since I got it, non stop.

If you're a big Metroid fan then I say that you should treat yourself. Mario is always there, but Metroid isn't.

Fri Sep 29 17 06:28pm
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So true. Thanks to all that replied.

Fri Sep 29 17 06:42pm
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Metroid was a solid 3-day experience for me in 4-6 hr increments each day. I think my finish time was around 14:00 hrs logged. Great game, and truly enjoyed it.

I actually JUST came home with Mario + Rabbids today, so gonna fire that up and hope it's all that I've read.

I really think you'll like Metroid: Samus Returns. Just make sure to play that one with the 3D slider all the way up, they did a fantastic job with the backgrounds.

Fri Sep 29 17 07:05pm
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Dammit!!! Everytime I read your comment I read it in Arnold voice...

But in my Own voice: I am sniffing towards Dragon Ballz...

Fri Sep 29 17 07:34pm
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It's the only way to read my comments.

I'm glad. The game is great so I hope they continue to make more great games.


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