Immersion Brings TouchSense Force To Unity, Supports Switch

“Since more games are made with Unity than with any other game technology, expanding our TouchSense Force solution to be compatible with Unity adds a tremendous opportunity for those developing games on this industry-leading platform. Developers can make their games much more engaging through the power of touch, including those for the wildly popular Nintendo Switch system.” - Chris Ullrich, Vice President of User Experience and Analytics at Immersion

“One of the interesting things about the Nintendo Switch is that you have a controller in your left hand and a controller in your right hand now. From a haptics perspective that adds a lot of capabilities. You can have someone shoot a gun in their right hand and feel it there, or shoot from your left hand and feel it there. When you bump something on the right, you can feel it, versus when you bump something from the left. But also, you can do things by using the controllers in concert to create effects so that people feel as if something were between the controllers.” - Matt Tullis, Immersion’s Director of Gaming & VR

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