Nintendo grabs Game Boy image trademark for use with merchandise and as a "storage medium"

The image above was submitted by Nintendo for a trademark. The first use is for merchandising purposes, which is no big deal. The second trademark application is for use as a "storage medium." Anyone want to take a stab at what in the world that could mean?!

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Gameboy Classic Mini confirmed

Gameboy Classic Mini confirmed

Well... If the gameboy classic is coming and isn't portable (hooks up to your TV) then this could maybe quality.
Maybe a super gameboy expansion pack compatible with Snes classic? Sounds inconvenient but it is Nintendo after all

Could be a hard drive enclosure maybe for the Switch. Or a flash drive

Ding ding ding. I think you're right. Why nobody else seems to get that a 'storage medium' means a freakin' storage medium is beyond me. A hard drive is roughly the shape of a Game Boy, so what could be more fun than making a Nintendo system themed hard drive that looks like a Game Boy?

Well a GB Classic would have internal storage to store however many built-in games they decide so....not completely off base.

There's actually a distinction between storage device and storage medium.

Ooooh man I would LOVE a Game Boy Classic SO MUCH. THIS was the system I grew up with and threw all my nostalgia into, so THIS is what cues my gimmie-gimmie-must-have urges!

Gameboy Classic Edition, wonder if they'd include both Pokemon Red and Blue.

probably a snapchat-like identification system but for...I dunno what.

What on earth? For 'merchandise' and as a 'storage medium' makes you think 'snapchat-like identification system?' Okay!

it could be a super game boy tv only deal. I mean a screen based gb classic could be a big success imo and end the 3ds line, or not I don't know

Should stop the Chinese from making unlicensed iPhone covers!


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