Stardew Valley hits #1 spot on Switch eShop around the world

Looks like many, MANY Switch owners were eager to grab Stardew Valley on Switch. Just look at all the locations where the game is already the best-selling game on the eShop a day after launching!

#1 in NA
#1 in UK
#1 in DE
#1 in NZ
#1 in AUS
#1 in Mexico
#1 in South Africa

Here's the craziest part. The game is sitting at #3 over in France, and the game doesn't even have French language support!

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Long may it reign.

Loving this game.

Most gamers know enough english to play a game even if they don't speak that fluently. Back in the day all the games that came here in South America were in english, it was not until the gamecube when we started to get some multi language games.

Fri Oct 06 17 07:42pm
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I know that feel bro. We did learned english thanks to videogames back in those days. Truth be told, I still play all my games in english though my native language is spanish. Where you from?

French Canadian here, and we were the same! :D
I was always the best at English in my classes, and that's 100% because of games! xD

True! I also was the best in english class thanks to videogames!
What was the game that teached you the most?

I can't say for sure. There's too many of them and I don't really remember that clearly. I played lot of RPGs without understanding them. I don't know when I started to. It was too long term.


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