Gear.Club Unlimited dev - no microtransactions, local multiplayer, fps/resolution talk, working around digital triggers

The following comes from a RedBull interview with Pascal Clarysse, Eden Games...

On doing away with microtransactions

"First and foremost, there is a major economic difference: the game will be premium, which means you get the full experience after purchase – no micro-transactions."

On local multiplayer

"You'll be able to enjoy local multiplayer, playing in splitscreen between up to four friends – or foes! – at once, using the Joy-Con controllers.”

On resolution

"We're aiming for 1080p in docked mode, 720p in handheld. We guarantee minimum 30 fps across the board."
On handling the lack of analog triggers

"We are simulating analogue on the digital triggers by converting pressures through a software gauge that is progressive."

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Its sad how something like no microtransactions has to be said as a news these days on non-Nintendo games in general....

I can understand when it comes to a game like this one. Since this one originated as a freemium game on mobile. But, this has been said about standard games we're used to as of late. Makes me suspicious if this is going to be a norm.

I believe this is specifically a callout to Forza who had a big microtransaction controversy lately.

game just doesn't look graphically intense for the switch, for it to be locked at 30.

It's 60fps on mobile. Immediately killed all intention of buying when I read that.

What does the analog conversion mean? Is he saying the Switch can detect the pressure of the button presses?

"We are converting pressures through a software gauge that is progressive" 8/

I think that just means the longer you hold the harder it goes.

Anyone have any interesting ideas on how to make this work?

ZL = brake 75%
L = brake 100%
ZR = accelerate 75%
R = accelerate 100%
L thumbstick = Accelerate
R thumbstick = Brake
Steering = Tilt
Allow the GameCube adapter to work on Switch

This one's been on my radar for a while, since it's the first real-world racing game on Switch. Glad to hear no microtransactions. Since the game originated on mobile, I was wondering about that. I wonder what the price point will be, though.

Let's hope that micro-transactions don't mess up the games on the Switch.

Going from 60fps on mobile to 30 on Switch really stinks though.


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