WWE 2K18 has an "8-bit" filter

It's funny how this filter, which aims to makes things more pixelated, also makes them look more real at the same time! The motion-captured animations and the pixels combined make for a unique experience. Seems the pixels help take out the uncanny valley aspect, and make you focus on the realistic side!

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Tue Oct 10 17 04:12pm
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This is the mode it natively runs in on Nintendo Switch

Tue Oct 10 17 03:27pm
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I mean, pixelating things doesn't exactly make it 8-bit but it's still a pretty cool feature to have.

actually, having that filter on makes it look like it's real and live.

Looks more like a "SEGA CD filter," but still neat.

looks more like 16-bit

I know! This happens all the time: those promo games for movies, etc. All clearly 16-bit style, all called "8-bit." The source article journalists just all be 20 and never had an NES.

Exactly what I was thinking...8 bit doesnt have much colour...the game looks like video that has appeared on the SNES...that pixel looking quality.

Because real photos and live videos look like this when they're pixelated.

This has been known for a month now.

Looks like a Sega CD FMV game.

wow so right, it does make it look more real

Anybody else getting ads popping up every 30 seconds on here? Been like it for weeks

They do suck, they’re hard to close but a refresh can sometimes make them go away.

That filter and Andre the Giant convinced me to buy this game.


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