EDGE - review scores, Spanish Super Mario Odyssey cover art

Super Mario Odyssey - 10
SteamWorld Dig 2 - 8
StarFox 2 -5
Metroid: Samus Returns - 6

The English cover for the next issue of EDGE should be the same, but we won't know for sure until tomorrow. At least we have this nice Spanish version to look at!


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Wed Oct 11 17 03:30pm
Rating: 3

Nice bait, mate.

20 characters.

It was easy to predict that Super Mario Odyssey would get lots of perfect scores. Everything they showed us so far proobed that this game was made with a lot of hard work

I love seeing Mario without his signature hat. who knew he had such great hair! :D

Wed Oct 11 17 04:19pm
Rating: 1

6 for Metroid: Samus Returns is rather harsh!!!

6 for Samus Returns? What?

Seems to me more of a "I don't personally like this game" kind of score rather than a "This is a bad game" score. Shame.

Same goes for Star Fox 2. It's like reviewers are confused that a 3D SNES game from the mid 90s would look primitive.

Just to be clear, an Edge 5 is like an IGN 7 or 7.5. They review games on a number table more similar to older gaming magazines or movies.

Wow, that is great to hear that it got such a great score.

Wed Oct 11 17 04:41pm
Rating: 2

If ignoring nostalgia, novelty, and historical significance I could imagine reviewers giving StarFox 2 a bad score. But that score for Metroid: Samus Returns? Way too low in my opinion. I've been absolutely enjoying it and would probably give it a 9, myself.

Regarding the cover: It's nice to see something painted every now and then. How many commercial artists use watercolors anymore?

Yeah that Metroid: SR score is kinda low. I know the complaints some have with it (and the inevitable comparisons to AM2R), but has a remake of Metroid 2, its pretty good for what its trying to do. And the secret lore stuff has great implications for the future of the series. Hopefully we can finally have Metroid V (or Dread :p).

Guys remember is EDGE, a lot of good games received 6 in that media. Very few 10, and having a perfect score means there is going to be a lot of perfect scores coming up.

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